Five Pounds Happier

I’ve never enjoyed food as much as I’ve had in Paris. I’ve always loved food, but Paris took me to a whole new level. It’s no wonder that it’s the gastronomy center of the world. But obviously, I would’ve never been able to experience that without some kicking and encouragement from 3 people in particular. … More Five Pounds Happier

Paris Nostalgia

Got a serious case of Paris nostalgia…and the only solution is to look through photos from my last week in Paris. Missing some important ones, but waiting on people to send them to me. Opera Garnier is still my favorite place to visit, the inside, of course. But if you wanna take a break, you … More Paris Nostalgia


Bones has been on my mind ever since I came to Paris, but I just never made the effort to go since it’s a bit out of my way. The restaurant itself is pretty understated. Although a splurge for dinner, the place will give you a casual ambiance. You can go 55euros for their “surprise menu” … More Bones

All good things…

So the one week count down begins until I leave my beloved city 😦 Growing up as a TCK, I would think that I’m used to moving around by now. But that’s definitely not true. The only thing true about moving around is the long flights that I have to take. Anything above 12+ hours … More All good things…

Pierre Sang Boyer

A Korean chef raised French, Pierre Sang has managed to make a name for himself in the culinary arena in Paris in such a short period of time. He appeared in last month’s Gout de Paris, and has been rated by a lot of media as a top place to dine. The restaurant itself has a nice and … More Pierre Sang Boyer

Laurent Dubois

My knowledge with French cheese used to go as far as eating Brie. But now if you ask for cheese recommendations, I could probably go into a shop and buy 20 different ones easily. I’ve realized that I’ve become prone to spend more money on food than anything else hahah ooops… True, you can get … More Laurent Dubois

London, UK

For some reason, London has always been my number one city to visit in Europe. I think Harry Potter might have a part in this. Before choosing to study in Paris, my first choice was actually LSE in London. After asking around about the program though, I decided against it. And as you can see, I … More London, UK

Opera Garnier (II)

It was at the request of Napoleon III that Charles Garnier started constructing this new opera house in Paris. This opera house was actually placed strategically at its current location by Napoleon. Near the Louvre and Jardin Tuileries, the opera house could create a “triangle of power” for Napoleon. The first time I visited Garnier, … More Opera Garnier (II)