Everybody needs a little help

I’ve been checking out some blogs about Paris to get other travelers’ perspectives on the city. Lets face it, some of the things we find in travel books aren’t exactly what’s expected. So here’s something to help our clueless-and-excited selves in preparing for what’s about to come, whether they be good or bad.

I’ve been reading “Young Adventuress” for a while, and she is awesome! Honest and fun! can give you some real perspective about what it’s like traveling around the world. I found two helpful posts:

Are you a foodie, like me? Paris by Mouth. This is super simple and quick. At the home page, you’ll already see all the categories listed (bakeries, restaurant, cheese…etc). All you have to do is pick the craving you wish to satisfy, and you’ll get a list of places to go organized by the arrondissements of the city! I’ll definitely be using this one a lot! YUM. Check out David Lebovitz, a  chef living in Paris! He has some great recipes and restaurant recommendations to fulfill all kinds of cravings. YUM.

If you’re looking for some practical advice such as navigating the city’s public transportation, what to do when you lose your passport, legalities/finance-related things: Posted in Paris. This blog includes links to other useful blogs.

I found Hip Paris through this one. This one is a bit more hipster (hence the name), and looks to explore up-and-coming places and lesser known Parisian neighborhoods. A lot of other blogs talks about the “touristy” things, but I find this one more authentic and local.

Le Best of Paris is another good one as well! Simple layout, you find what you want immediately.

Oh, and of course…if you’re a girl…Girls’ Guide to Paris.

*Still looking for a local apartment? Make sure you read The Hunt.

So, there you have it – should I just make a page of all the useful links that I’ve found/will come across? Hmm…. Don’t forget about me though 😉


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