Daily needs…

1. MAPS! I mentioned in my other post that I have 4 different types of maps:
– a city map
– a metro map
– city and metro map
– a booklet of maps by district

2. Monoprix IMG_0007
This is Paris’ version of Target. They have clothes, kitchenware, cosmetics, electronics, toiletries, and a small pharmacy for some stores. You can find almost everything you need here, but obviously a little bit pricier. But I find it more convenient to shop here when you need to buy a lot of different items. Also, everything just seems…cleaner.

3. Franprix image
They’re small supermarkets that you’ll see around a lot, and usually pretty small in size. Not that great when compared to Ralph’s, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. But they do offer a good amount of produces, dairy, meat, poultry …etc. You will definitely find what you need, but limited selections. I’m not really a fan of Fanprix, though.

4. Local Pharmacies
These are not as convenient as you would expect. They open late and close early, and also have limited selections. My local CVS back at UCLA was 24-7, and offered everything from packed sandwhiches to hair clips. Here…well…hahaha, it’s a struggle. Also, DO NOT go to pharmacies near tourists attractions!!! Their items come at a way higher price…like 2-6euros more than what they normally cost. Geezsus…

5. Your local Tabac image
Very important for you to find one! You can get SIM cards and money refills for your phone. You can also get random trinkets that you might need, like lighters, gum…etc. The owner will also be pretty knowledgeable when you need directions and what not. I have one close by where I live, and luckily for me, the owner speaks Mandarin 🙂 Oh, the beauty of being bilingual…but hopefully trilingual by the end of my time here!



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