Colmar … Petite Venise

Never been to Venice? Make your way to Colmar! IMG_5560This little old town in the Alsace region of France is a great place to relax, eat great food and drink white wine! I’ve never been to a place that’s filled with so many great restaurants! Food here really is an art and enjoyment. Don’t be surprised if one meal takes 3 hours… that happened to us every day.

A word of advice when coming here…definitely know some French! Or come with someone who knows it! A lot of the locals here don’t know English. This is more of a local tourist area, so you will usually encounter other French/German tourists.

We had our first meal at Le Frichti’s for lunch. It wasn’t a restaurant on our radar since we had others in mind. But everything was already full, so we went with this one. This restaurant won many local awards, so we assumed nothing can go wrong. To our surprise, our meal turned out not only to be delicious, but also beautifully presented! All dishes were introduced upon being served. Everything is very professional and classy. The restaurant located right next to this one, Aux Trois Poissons…super tasty too, and focuses more on fish, hence the name. All fully booked during lunch AND dinner. Both of these restaurants made the Michelin 2014 Guide as well 🙂

DSC_0335 DSC_0337DSC_0334











Aren’t the photos just enough to make you drooooooool? And this was only our first meal there! Also note the local specialties: foie gras and white wine (actually pretty cheap here).  Check out my FB album more for photos of delicious food and beautiful scenery — Colmar, France

Other places worth visiting are Riquewihr and Ribeauville. Both of them are small old local towns, and very relaxing to walk around. There are a lot of cute boutiques and shops filled with local specialties, whether it be food or crafts! This town is known for the numerous pastry chefs that used to live here…so watch out for patisseries with a long line to try some local delicacies. Definitely find opportunities for wine tasting at Riquewihr. We found a winery that allowed us to try 4 different white wines for only 5 euros! What a sweeeeet deal.

DSC_0368 DSC_0382







Take the bus to Riquewihr and walk to Ribeauville. It’s a great walk and you get beautiful views of the vineyard. Most vineyards are open for you talk walk through them. Stay away from the ones with fences…they’re there for a reason (some of are noted ‘electrique’). NB: Pick a day with good weather because it is a 2 hour walk! And longer if you decide to stop at the other towns along the way.



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