Maison de Claude Monet

I really have to thank my mom for her eagerness when it comes to visiting this garden. I’ve wanted to go myself but she was so intent on going immediatement that we went a few days before she flew back home. We were also there when the place just opened for the day so it was definitely less crowded than expected (but tourists kept coming in!).


I love impressionist paintings, especially Monet’s, so it was really cool to see where his inspirations came from, where he spent his time, and to see the actual scenes from his paintings. His maison is beauuuutiful….Located in Giverny, the entire ambiance of his home is very tranquil and serene. It takes about 1 hour to get there. 45 minutes train, then 15 minutes bus. Very doable.

I’d suggest walking around his garden first and then come back to see his home. Most tourists line up to tour his house first since it’s the first thing you see once you geDSC_0479t in. DSC_0446His house (unfortunately no photo-taking is allowed) is filled with very authentic French-style furniture. You also get to see his very first studio and drafts of his paintings.

The garden is worth an hour visit for sure…there is no where else better to stroll around extremely slowly, sit at the benches and enjoy the view, and soaking in some of that rare sunshine you don’t usually get at this time in Paris!



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