Laurent *

There is no doubt that everyone who came to France has the desire to indulge in some really good food. The city of Paris hosts over 70 Michelin-rated restaurants, which basically establishes itself as one of the best culinary capitals in the world. I’ve never tried any Michelin-rated western food before. I’ve only had my favorite DingTaiFung (one star) back home in Taiwan. This is probably only known to Asians and other travelers interested in visiting Taiwan.

So, to commence my French gourmet experience, my family friend Auntie Carol Hsu took us to Restaurant Laurent. In the 8th district, Laurent is located near Champs Elysée and a one-starred restaurant. We sat at the terrace which had a really nice atmosphere that caters to a summery-feel. Ten-out-of-ten for just the deco!

The food…haha let me tell you…everything tasted amaaaaazing. The dishes were prepared so well to produce a savory, but refreshing taste. Trés delicieux. It all had the perfect balance. Literally, tastes like summer in your mouth. The presentation itself is also very well done, using bright colors to bring in the feel of été.














The appetizers did not even prepare me for the parade of dishes that is to come…








My main course was the cod with eggplant caviar, tomatoes, and…I forgot what the sauce was composed of. After tasting this cod…my expectations completely changed when it comes to serving fish. The cod was made so well, and not flaky that it would’ve gotten out of control on the plate (eating flaky fish and hard meat is like fighting a battle on your plate), and the sauce added a very earthy-tone to the entire dish to incorporate it’s summery theme.

After the main course….Just look at this selection of cheese!








My dessert, almIMG_5652ond raspberry souffle was also done sooo well, though I think they should’ve waited for me to get back to my seat before serving it. It was about to slump into the cup when I sat down! I’ve had a lot of souffles that were waaaay too sweet, but this was was perfect! Sweet, but with a touch of raspberry to balance it out. And just let me tell you how foamy it was…even when it was in my mouth…gawd, so good.



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