Kunitoraya 1 &2 – your udon dream

It’s pretty much a necessity for Asians to have a go-to place for Asian food whenever we’re not at home. It’s kind of a comfort we cannot afford to not have. I think I speak for most Asians when I say that the best place to have Asian food, is really only at our home country (sadly). It’s hard to find anywhere else up to par.

BUT thanks to Kunitoraya...I now have a place to go to not only for comfort food, but also fancy Japanese food! I would’ve preferred to have a good Taiwanese or Chinese restaurant around here, but this is actually more than enough for me haha

DSC_1027Kunitoraya 1 specializes in udon: cold udon, hot udon, curry udon…etc. Their house special:DSC_1028“Kunitoraya udon” is a must try for any first-timer. The homemade miso broth is literally to die for. So are their extremely chewy udon noodles and little Japanese tapas. I will definitely be frequenting this little joint when winter hits! Nothing feels better than having warm soup in your tummy. We call it 幸福!I guess the cheesy translation for that would be “blessed,” but with a very hearty/homey touch.

This place is also always packed during meal times, and the line just gets longer and longer. Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, the local Frenchies…they all line up just to get that bowl of udon. Due to its awesome reputation in Paris, they actually now have a restaurant in Japan! The restaurant doesn’t take reservations, unfortunately. So go there early!

DSC_1021 DSC_1025DSC_1023













I was also fortunate enough to try Kunitoraya 2, which is a fancier version. They offer a lunch menu, and a set menu for dinner. I was able to try both, but it’s definitely more worth it for dinner! It’s 3 entrees, 1 bowl of udon, 1 plate of fried tempura, 1 main dish (meat/fish), and then dessert. The portions are well-controlled so you won’t feel too full at the end. I went with two other lovely girls so we were able to try quite a lot of their dishes.

Raw fish is, no doubt, an important part of Japanese food. And to really enjoy raw fish, it has to be fresh. Only when its fresh can you taste that subtle sweetness and lightness. Kunitoraya gets some decent points for this 🙂 Also, their menu changes according to the season and ingredients available on the market…can’t wait for another good surprise next time 🙂

IMG_0117 IMG_0118 IMG_0119 IMG_0120 IMG_0122 IMG_0126 IMG_0131 IMG_0132


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