L’Ambroisie ***

L’Ambroisie, translated into English, is ambrosia. For those familiar with classical mythology, we know that ambrosia means “food of the gods,” or that it basically refers to something that is pleasing to the taste/smell. Well, this restaurant is the very embodiment of that word. Everything, from the pre-entree plates to the finger-food style desserts, served went back to this very concept.

IMG_1650 IMG_1654


This is also a restaurant that focuses on traditional French food. Their most well known dessert has been on the menu for 28 years! My friend who had been coming to this place for several years commented that even the taste of their breads have not changed (not to mention that this place offers one of the best breads she has ever tasted).IMG_1660

I also had my first French style pigeon here…the entire experience was unexpected. I’ve had pigeon before, but the texture was very much like that of a poulet’s. At L’Ambroisie though, it was cooked medium rare and had similar IMG_1665texture as goose liver.

Takes skills to do this…



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