Picnic spot: Champ de Mars

Sunday is kind of a big deal here in Paris. Most things are closed and you get a hard time finding anything you need. Grocery stores maybe open until 13:30, if you’re lucky. DSC_1047So, instead of fretting about acquiring their daily necessities, people flock to the parks and just spend the day there. So that’s exactly what we did…picnic at Champ de Mars. We literally just ate and chilled for 4 hours…because, why not? hahaDSC_1031

The area around Champ de Mars may be very touristy, but the park itself is pretty spacious, and oddly, tourist-free. (Maybe it’s because they’re all lining up to go up the Eiffel.)

DSC_1041Yeah, I guess having everything closed on Sundays is pretty annoying, but this slow pace of life where I get to picnic for 4 hours? I can get used to this…


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