Your royal experience at Chateau de Versailles

DSC_0871This is actually a long overdue post since I went to Versailles a couple weeks ago, but there was just too much to say about it I didn’t know how to begin…Everything about the place was unreal. All those castles you see in Disney movies when you were little? Versailles is better. Way better. And actually, a lot to take in. [OH, btw, show your student visa, and it’s free entry 😉 I would get there early though since the lines can get really long.]

The “Hall of Mirrors” is definitely one of my favorites. It’s this long elegant hall (hence the name) and all the mirrors on the left have a corresponding window to the right. At first, I felt it was a little bit over the top, but after a while, you start to notice its elegance and attention to detail as you stroll through it. It’s a place where certain ceremonies and dinner parties are held. Can I have my birthday there? haha

Yes, the ceilings are beautiful wherever you go, and it always has a story that matches the room. Crazy, huh? I’m so overwhelmed by the design and just the grandiose of it all. It’s a true demonstration of wealth and majesty. Seriously though, Who lives here? I mean yes, I know…but like how much power/money did Louis XIV actually have? I can’t imagine. I can’t even imagine having the time to walk to every single room or remembering where it is.










The main palace itself is miniscule compared to the entire estate, which you really can spend an entire day touring. My favorite parts of the estate is definitely the gardens and what’s beyond.

DSC_0967The garden is beautiful and it is very possible that you’ll get lost. All of the sculptures and fountains are even more beautiful once they turn on the water. I think that day I went was a special day because they had a water show or something. But they played incredibly loud classical music in the afternoon once they started turning DSC_0879on the fountains.

DSC_0934There is also “The Queen’s Hamlet.” Basically Marie-Antoinette’s little village. It was said that she wanted to get away from the Court of Versailles, so she had it built. Going there was like visiting a little town in the countryside. Designed in a very rustic style. Super quiet, and also less tourists. (Yes, I like places where there aren’t many tourists!)

You know that Versailles gets about 6 million visitors a year, right? Make sure you’re one of them, that’s all.



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