Barcadi Mojito Lab

Nothing like a Tuesday night of free dinner, and then some kickass mojitos. First of all, thank you UC Paris for giving us that free dinner so we can splurge on our mojitos, and also to a new UC buddy for finding this cool joint in Bastille!










Barcadi Mojito Lab specializes well..yes, mojitos. Their menu, is called the Mojito Mag hahaha. Super cheesy I know, but we literally took like a good 20 minutes flipping through that, trying todecide what to get…because everything looks ridiculously cool. Oh, and to tempt you into visiting this place, you can actually check out their menu online. But I’m not sure if it’s updated since it looks kinda different, but you get the idea.

IMG_0155 Also, sorry for the bad photos, but it was an impromptu visit so I didn’t have my camera and took it all on my iPhone =/












So my friend got the Brazilian mojito…yes it is on fire. I know you can’t really see it in the picture, but the lit up the passion fruit haha. Mine didn’t light up, but it was still cool…tasted like dessert! It was passion fruit cream and strawberry smoothie type-thing mixed with an

Definitely worth a second visit and checking out if you’re around the area!


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