Found this place through “Paris by Mouth” and took my aunt here for lunch on her very first day in Paris…happy to say that it was that she was happy about it! haha I’m glad to say that she really is here to eat and drink.  I swear after a month with her, I will have gained a solid 5 pounds and probably become an alcoholic haha…shit. Too bad she isn’t really into art or museums, since I was hoping she would be down to spend like half a day inside a museum with me hah.DSC_0115


Located in the Les Halles area, it’s sort of tucked away and not extremely eye-catching. But once you step inside, the place is immediately spacious and bright due to the high ceiling and big windows…very relaxing and chill ambiance.

Pirouette offers a modern French style cuisine. You can get the “entree du jour + plat du jour.” My aunt and I opted for the 3 course meal (Menu Pirouette) since it was her first meal here and she wanted the whole package! The restaurant its use of fresh ingredients and changing menu (it’s all written on a chalkboard!).

The food presentation gave us some expectations about the taste of the food…which didn’t disappoint!

The gnocchi with chanterelle mushrooms was super light and creamy. My aunt literally ate a half basket of bread with the cream haha. Les Poulpes (octopus) was really refreshing and light as well with its cucumber sauce



One of our main dish was the Monkfish with reduced red wine sauce. Our favorite part was definitely the reduced wine-sauce, which added the right amount of flavor (sweetness) to the fish.

The pork was also cooked really well, but I felt it was kind of weird with the quinoa. I think they were trying to add a crunch to it, but the quinoa didn’t really do it and sort of created a weird texture for me when I ate it with the meat. But, overall, the dish itself was good!


For dessert, my aunt ordered rice pudding, which I think was okay itself, but just doesn’t end the meal right for me. I’ve never been a big fan of rice-pudding…just too weird of a texture in my mouth. But it was really creamy, for sure. My dessert les figues et ganache, had just the right touch of sweetness to end a good meal!



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