Cuisine de Bar & Poilane

DSC_0399 This simple restaurant is great for breakfast or a light brunch/lunch (super close to my school)! Cuisine de Bar is small, but very nice and clean with a modern ambiance.  Also come early since the place isn’t big and fills up fast! My friend and I met up at 11:30, and by 12ish…it was full.


The menu is all tartines (open-faced sandwhichs) made from the sourdough bread that comes from Poilane (the bakery next door ). So Cuisine de Bar it’s actually ran by Poilane. OH, and it’s open 7 days a week (at the 75006 location), which is rare for most places here in Paris. Cuisine de bar doesn’t have a kitchen, it’s just a simple bar and 6 ovens with the tartines made in front of you. They do have a formule déjeuner for 14.5euros (I think…). You get salad, soup, glass of red/white wine, your choice of tartine, and coffee/tea to end the meal. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me 🙂 DSC_0407


I came here with my friend so we were able to try two different tartines – saumon fumé, and chavignol du crottin made with tomato puree. The saumon fumé was light and the crottin savory with the tomato puree…great combo for us two hungry girls haha. We’ll definitely be visiting this place again for our weekly coffee/lunch dates!

This place has two locations in Paris, one in the 11th, and the one in the 6th. So try to go to both! But I would say go to the 6th if you want to visit Poilane!

Poilane is known for its good quality sourdough bread, according to my food class Professor. My aunt visited the place because it was recommended by David Lebovitz for the apple tartlets. She is a pastry expert, so I trust her when she told me it was super good. Guess that means I have to visit the place again sometime soon 😉 Poilane also sells a number of other cute things, like cookies made in spoon and fork shapes, which we actually got with our coffee at Cuisine de Bar haha.

DSC_0420 DSC_0424




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