St Malo, Bretagne

IMG_5927 Visiting St Malo makes me wonder what it’s like to live behind a walled port city like this one…really interesting place to walk around and the ramparts offer great views of the ocean. I wish the weather was warmer so I could spend some time on the beach.  Though I definitely feel like staying there for one day is enough.


Bretagne is a region known for making great crêpes, and you definitely won’t be disappointed by the huge selection of crêperies St Malo has to offer! I only had the time to try two places “Cafe de Bres” and “An Delenn.” Both have good crepes and are tucked away in an alleyway, away from the tourist crowd! I also learned that the traditional way to eat crêpes is with une boule de cidre…which is definitely unheard of for me, but wow, what a revelation! Haha, definitely interesting. Crêpes also come in two kinds. The savory ones made out of buckwheat flour are called galettes. The ones made out of white flour and butter, and are usually eaten as desserts, are crêpes.

I definitely preferred An Delenn. Our hotel concierge actually recommended that cafe as the number one place to go for crêpes. On our last day in St Malo, my aunt and I were the first guests when they opened for lunch at 11:30am! Haha…we know French people have really late lunches, so we wanted to avoid the crowd…and thank goodness we did. When noon hit, the place started filling up!

IMG_5981 IMG_5977 IMG_5982

















We ordered their formule dejeuner which comes with a galette, a crepe, and a cup of apple cider. The owner was so nice, he let us stand near the kitchen to watch him make our food, gave us the entire bottle of cider without extra charge haha YUM! My desert crêpe, called Suzette was pretty cool…it was with orange and Grand Mariniere. I guess you can’t really tell in the picture, but my crêpe was on fire, because he heated up and the lit up the Grand Mariniere before pouring it on my crêpe.










Two other places I suggest visiting…they’re more like food stands situated on the main shopping street of St Malo. The shop that offers traditional Bretagne style pastries is yellow, and the other one that offers gaufres and beignets is pink. So let me tell you about that beignet that I had….I was watching them the day before and noticing that their beignets seemed to be pre-made and stored in this glass case. No, I don’t like that…I want mine to be freshly fried. So when I got there the second day, when I saw them frying the beignets on the spot, I lined up right away! Fresh, hot, and with chantilly cream…definitely hit the spot after a long and cold day at Mont St. Michel.




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