Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie (Le Restaurant)

Okay… having a beautiful Monday night with good food and even better company is just so rare (for me at least). Mondays are never a good day for me simply because it’s Monday, and I have to wake up at 6:30am to get to my 8am class….So,”Beautiful Monday” nights don’t happen often…if at all. If I’ve called a Monday a “beautiful night,” well…I guess it just wasn’t beautiful enough for me to remember it…and it definitely won’t be as beautiful as this one.

After a wine tasting at O’Chateau (thanks to my prof for booking this nice wine bar), I met my aunties at this little French bistro for dinner.IMG_6469 They told me they had actually been sitting in this bistro since 3:30pm thanks to the rain haha. This bistro is connected to their own foie gras and charcuterie. Its outside appearance may be so-so and not attention grabbing, but once you step inside the ambiance becomes intimate and cozy (partly due to its small size, but also because of its decor – the chandelier, high ceiling and red curtains) . The tables are closely placed, there aren’t a lot of seats, but you could tell everyones here to relax and eat, and it’s actually acceptable to talk loudly! (If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll notice that the French don’t talk loudly at restaurants) This place is buzzing among the locals; it really seemed like they had great business! The waitress told us we were lucky that they could add one more guest – me…hah. That tells me that reservations are usually a must.

IMG_6472We didn’t order any main courses and we were completely satisfied with just their foie gras appetizers. The foie gras carpaccio with pear chutney and ginger. Yeah, ginger! It was such an interest touch and I definitely felt that little kick  in my mouth when combined with the foie gras and chutney.

IMG_6471We also ordered foie gras ravioli with truffle cream. Did I mention it’s truffle season? Omg…the smell of truffle…yeah my aunt and I can actually get high off of that delicious stuff. I remember when we were visiting an epicerie in Amboise for our fall trip and the owner brought out truffle sea salt. Damn, we were like two little girls giggling on the spot and jumping around with excitement (okay, not literally jumping, but you get the picture). Everytime I smell truffle…its just like a tiny glimpse of heaven to me. So when the foie gras ravioli came and that truffle smell went around the table…oh yeah, we saw what was coming. The cream…and dip your baguette in the cream afterwards…yeah that’s a glimpse of heaven.

So the food was the good part…but what made the night even better was 1) discovering the restaurant’s version of profiterole and 2) meeting Dominic and Phatou.

When the three of us had decided that our meal was finished, we saw the waitress walk by us with something that looked like Paris Brest and was the size of a cake. We just looked at each other, all of us the same reaction and curiosity, “What is that?” So auntie Carol actually ended up asking the table that ordered the dessert what it was. Turns out it was the restaurant owner Dominic and his Vietnamese friend Phatou and two other Singaporeans. They invited us over to share their desert and we chatted late into the night haha. It was harder for us to communicate with Dominic because of his limited English and also my limited French, but we still had a great time. Phatou speaks English and we learned that he actually travels to HK and Taiwan a lot, but spends most of his time in Paris. Although really old, I am guessing around 70s, he has such a young spirit, and apparently a really young wife (27 years old!). He also retired at 21…what the eff. I literally just turned 21.  I was able to confirm that with Dominic later. Our conversations continued with a lot of jokes and laughing. He has such a lively personality! And his secret to keeping young? French bread, wine, and cigars. So I guess I’m good here hahah


3 thoughts on “Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie (Le Restaurant)

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