Beaujolais Nouveau

IMG_6436For a new wine enthusiast like me, events like these always pique my interest and curiosity.  People celebrate the release of new Beaujolais wine? I thought wine is so much better when it has been matured and aged. Haha…thanks to auntie Carol, my misconception has now been corrected.

It wasn’t until the 1970s the event Beaujolais Nouveau was so heavy advertised and commercialized that the wine itself became well known. It’s popular for being released on the third Thursday of November with people racing to to get the first bottles. The traditional saying is “Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!” 

Beaujolais is itself a vin de primeur, meaning that under the AOC, it can be sold in the same year it was harvested. This is unlike other Bourgogne wines. You will never see a Bourgogne wine from 2014. The youngest Bourgogne wine will be 2012 when released during this winter (winter is the time they release new wines here).

This wine is composed of Gamay grapes, and its method of production guarantees a low level of tannin. To me, it’s very light and smooth, easy to drink. It’s something casual and relaxing to drink (picture yourself having a class of this while cooking). I think I should definitely stalk up on some.

















So, to celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau, we spent the evening at Le Garde Robe. Great atmosphere and packed with people! I’ve recently been really into wine bars and tapas bars, so this was enough to feed my craving haha. There were other wine bars on the same street, but this one was, of course, the one that had the most guests. Thanks to David Lebovitz and Parisbymouth’s recommendation! They offered free home-made soupe a l’oignon especially for this event. They also had a special jambon for the night. Paired with the Beaujolais wine though, the soup could have been more creamier to enhance the unity that could have been created. The jambon is s1398046_10153306947685830_5644716422168690943_oalty itself, it wasn’t too much of a match. But because Beaujolais itself is so light, it was okay for me. I didn’t mind too much. On a night like this, I’m not gonna be too particular because the atmosphere and the wine bar itself was pretty great! Good way to spend my Thursday night…nevermind that presentation tomorrow for school hahaha 🙂


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