A Sunny Sunday…

One thing I’ve learned ever since after settling in Paris is that Sundays are sacred. A lot of restaurants, cafes, malls etc are closed on this day. From that, I’ve learned to make Sundays my own. This is also the last Sunday I have before all the craziness of finals start so I decided to take this day to really relax and just enjoy my day off.

Sundays are always market days, and with the extra time I have today, I ventured to Bastille Marché. The sight of fresh produce in the morning gives my day such a great start, and inspires me to cook something healthy! I bought pumpkin today; I think I’ll roast that tonight. I actually think I overdid it on the cheese today and got five different kinds of cheese…yeah sometimes, when I see certain things, I just can’t help myself. But I decided that I needed to enjoy being able to grocery shop at open markets like these before I go back to the whole Trader Joe’s and Ralphs routine.

DSC_0305 DSC_0309

I visited les passages couverts, Paris’ glass-roofed shopping galleries. I chose Sunday specifically because I know all the boutiques will be closed, saving me from any temptations. Galerie Vivienne was the first one I visited and it is extremely pretty, especially with the lights up. It’s mythology-themed mosaic makes this place seem like such an upscale place. I also saw Legrand Filles et Fils, what seems like a very fancy wine cellar, which I actually plan on visiting when its actually open.


I also visited Passages des Panoramaswhich is supposed to be the biggest one in Paris. I think because all the shops and restaurants were closed, there was a flea market going on, and it was a bit too crowded for me. I enjoyed the spacious and quietness of Galerie Vivienne a lot more. I couldn’t really enjoy this gallerie because it was so crowded, but I’ll come back.


Sundays are also my cheat days. But I’ve been calling them treat days. Ever since I got to Paris, I’ve suspended my health-nut ways. Not completely, but enough so that my gym schedule doesn’t dominate the rest of my day. So I’ve resorted to calling Sundays treat days. With that being said, I bought my chocolat chaud and Mont Blanc, both are specialties from Angelia, and walked to Jardin TuileriesI’ve been craving some good hot chocolate for a while, and in Paris, Angelina is apparently the hot spot for that. Their Mont Blanc is also some well-kept secret recipe, so I decided why not get both?

Both didn’t really turn out the way I had hoped. I’m kind of particular about my chocolate. The drink was too sweet, and the Mont Blanc…I dont know, it just wasn’t the type of pastry I thought it was. The cream inside was really light though, so I ate that. Their mille feuille looked really good…so perhaps, next time? haha But never mind the desert, Tuileries is another enjoyment itself. I am so lucky that it’s within walking distance! This park emits a sense of calmness and relaxation. The best thing though was that the sun was out! It’s kind of rare these days with winter coming. It also wasn’t that cold today, which I am extremely grateful for 🙂 I am still adapting to the cold…

DSC_0318 DSC_0319



I spent a good hour sitting there, people-watching and just reflecting on the time I’ve spent here. I know with finals coming, the last thing on my mind would be Paris. But so far, Paris has had its way of making me forget about everything else but myself. It’s like I’m having a love affair with Paris. I feel less uptight and tense. That doesn’t mean I’m not stubborn or headstrong anymore (because I guarantee you I still am), I just feel much more open to everything else. I no longer ask the question “Why?” when I have to do something or when someone asks me to do something. I ask “Why not?” People used to always tell me how how life is full of endless possibilities. I’ve never felt that until I came here. Paris woke me up big time.

I can’t believe that I am almost halfway done with my time here. I know I’ve changed, but I’m scared of changing because I know my time here is limited and my stay is only temporary. Everything about this place still seems like such a dream to me, and I am just so grateful that I can catch a glimpse of it. I’ve realized how much this city has changed me…it’s made me happy, which I could never say when I was in LA. Happy is not a word I use lightly. To me it’s just such rare state of emotion that can be achieved. I can often say “Oh, this makes me so happy,” but really, it’s not the actual state of happiness itself, just a moment of gratification or relief. But here, in Paris, I am happy. No matter how stressed or how hard a day was, I always go to bed a happy girl, grateful that I can freely enjoy this city. Ah, I love Paris!!

P.S. Thanks dad for not only making this happen but also making this happen without the anxiety and stress that usually comes with things like this. Thanks for trusting me to be here alone. Yes, I still have some self-control. Also, thank you mom for choosing dad over Paris haha I know it was your dream, but if you had picked Paris, I wouldn’t be here.


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