Le Mary Celeste


This charming little wine bar in Le Marais has been on my mind for a while. At Le MaryCeleste, there is no menu of plates, it’s all tapas created by Chef Haan Palcu-Chang that are meant to be shared, accompanied by their cocktails and wine. I would definitely make a reservation in advance if you plan on having lots of tapas. The bar is first come first serve.



I ventured to this place with my new partner in crime.  Yes, we bonded over our love of food (carbs, chocolate, cheese, all things sinful). Yes, we plan to take Paris on one carb at a time. Feel free to join us 🙂 (Our next trip is going to be at Du Pain et Des Idées)

Alright…on to the food…we ordered 4 tapas and 2 desserts, and surprisingly, we did not end up feeling stuffed. It was a good level of satisfaction that was enough to make me want to go back for more tapas. They change their menu everyday!

We ordered Salade de choux Kale, Tataki de boeuf, Tostada boudin noir, and something grilled cheese, which was the best tapas of the night!


The salad was light and crunchy with apples and walnuts. The tostada boudin noir was made with apples as well and a cheese cream. The boudin noir was mixed with foie gras, so it was a bit on the heavier side, but still tasty. Good thing it came with the salad so we could clean our mouths a little. The apple slices and tostada added a really good crunch to it as well!


The tataki de boeuf was flavorful with the sauce. You could tell that the boeuf was decent quality at first bite. There was a bit of spicy oil, but I don’t think it was enough to balance out the sauce. Maybe it’s the Asian in me talking…


Okay, this picture of the grilled cheese does not do it justice at all. This was soooo good. The meat was cooked very well and the cheese melted perfectly. What was surprising though, was the hot sauce, a very Asian touch (the green onions too). My eyes actually lit up when I tasted it. It was good. It was also accompanied by sweet onions to keep this dish balanced. We both agreed this was the best one of the night. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if we’ll be lucky enough to have it again since Le Mary Celeste has a changing menu…damn it.

They had two desserts on the menu, so naturally, we got both. It was a potimarron cheesecake accompanied by mint and a light cream. YUM. Potimarron is a French squash. The other was some kind of gateau made with pears, and a citron cream with almonds. The texture was not solidified enough to actually be a gateau, so i’m not sure what it is… but it was really light, and a decent ending to our meal 🙂



P.S. Sorry, these pictures don’t do the food any justice. It was too dark for pictures, and  I wasn’t going to use flash. I would also definitely recommend going on a weekday. Avoid the weekend. Once 7pm hits, the place gets guests nonstop.


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