DSC_0204Big city with some intense gothic architecture. I don’t think I enjoyed it as much because I visited Bruges first haha. It always happens when I go from small cities to big cities. But my aunt said this is actually the right way to do it. So when you’re in a big city, all you do is shop and eat. Devouring your own plate of mussels is definitely a must here. Walk through the Grote 

DSC_0208Markt and the alleyways near Galerie St Hubert, you may find yourself elbow to elbow with other tourists and bumping into restaurant tables. All of them seem to serve the same thing…the problem is finding the best place. Chez Leon is a good bet for mussels. This franchise has expanded and is currently in Paris, known as Leon de Bruxelles. 





Definitely visit St Michael & St Gudula Cathedral first thing in the morning when it’s empty and you can walk around freely and enjoy the interior artwork. It’s always such a great way to start off my morning. The cathedral was actually about to hold a service so the choir was practicing as well.DSC_0193 DSC_0200








My aunt and I avoided visiting the statue of Manneken Pis. We thought it was kind of dumb…but in the end, we ran out of things to do…so we ventured there. Goodness, there was actually a huge crowd just standing in front of this teensy statue trying to get a picture. Yeah, we couldn’t resist either hahaha.

They have the famous one euro waffles/gaufres next to the statue as well. Those didn’t look appetizing since they’ve been sitting out for a while. It is also here where we learned the difference between a gaufre liège and gaufre de Bruxelles. Gaufre de Bruxelles is our usual conception of a waffle, rectangular looking. Gaufre liège is sweeter and the edges are round. To be able to get decent waffles, find Aux Gaufres de Bruxelles near the Grote Markt! Even though my favorite is still Lizzie’s Waffles in Bruges, this place is good if Bruxelles is your first stop!IMG_6194


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