Le Cinq **

DSC_0214Located in the Four Seasons at Georges V, Le Cinq has made it to my list of favorite places to dine in Paris. The restaurant has newly hired Christian Le Squer, formerly at L’Odeyon. A charming fellow, by the way. Although awarded with two Michelin stars, he remains a humble and charming man. If he wasn’t old…maybe I would’ve gone for it…hahah just kidding. I was told that he still rides his bicycle to work!

10731276_10153270418275830_344084645_oThe restaurant is also known for having one of the best wine caves in Paris, looked after by an incredible sommelier and his apprentices.

Before coming here, I have already heard amazing things about the food. So…I skipped breakfast in order to regulate my calories for the day. Not the healthiest thing I’ve done, but oh…the things I will do for great food.


Every dish that came was a surprise itself…the presentation, the delicacy, the elegance, and of course, le gôut. Everything was made with extreme attention to detail. The texture, the taste…on point. I’m not even sure how to describe it. Despite the extravagance of the restaurant setting, the food remains elegantly sophisticated.

DSC_0223 DSC_0229The first entree was scallops. The right way to start off the meal. Refreshing, sweet, soft, you name it. Great way to wake up your taste buds!

The chef has also created a different version of onion soup. He says he was inspired by the xiao-long-baos. For those unfamiliar with what it is, think of a chinese dumpling. But with super thin skin, smoother skin and a more delicate texture. The bun is not just meat stuffing though. Once you bite into it, you get soup! That’s what the chef’s version was. L’oignon gratinee. This was a super fun dish and definitely unexpected! It was actually so fun to taste it. It was like a bubble bursting in my mouth!

DSC_0256 My plat was the pigeon, which was, to my surprise. The first time I had pigeon was at L’Ambrosie. But I like it so much more here.

It was made with such great attention that texture of the meat was well kept. Most people would describe the texture as that of a poulet. But this is definitely finer.  

The dish that I’ve heard constant raves about though, was his pasta. Just look at it! The amount of time and skills it must have taken to assemble the pasta in that form, with perfect cutting. Unfortunately, I was only able to get a bite of this from my aunt. This picture was also before the chef, himself personally, shaved truffles onto it. I knew I was going back early January with my mom, so I thought I should just save it for later. Though his instagram and Le Cinq’s website has been displaying some new dishes that look equally delicious. Oh…the dilemma….!


DSC_0266   DSC_0268DSC_0259






Dessert should also not be skipped, of course. They’re all prepared with just as much care as the entrées and plats. Though, I would like to see something more creative or prepared with more skill. But it’s a good “calming” effect when you get something very simple to end the meal since the entrées and plats took us by a whirlwind.

Christian’s entire team followed him here to Le Cinq. So he is still with the same chef that makes the bread and pastries. I was also told that his sous-chef doesn’t even want to leave his side. Most sous-chefs would move on to make their own name, but his doesn’t. With the loyalty he gets from his team, I imagine that he is a patient person in the kitchen. Which shows in his cooking and presentation.

Can’t wait for my second trip…it’s been pretty much a month since I’ve been here. I’m heading back to this place in a few weeks…cannot. wait. Expect an update! 😉


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