Le Richer

Le Richer has easily made it to my list of favorite wine bars. The walk to find this place was a bit sketchy though. Serving only tapas with its excellent collection of wine, Le Richer has styled its establishment with the right combination of coziness and intimacy.





Entrees ordered were terrine de sanglier and soup de poisson. The terrine was great! But we both agreed that we would’ve replaced the mayo sauce with something less heavy but keeping the creamy texture, like yogurt. I was craving something warm because of Paris’ cold weather, but the soup, although well made, could’ve been hotter to make it more satisfying.

Our mains were delicious! I ordered the beef cheek joue de boeuf and my friend ordered volaille. The beef cheek was really soft and tender, but not to the point where it was going to melt in my mouth. I liked that the texture of the meat was well kept. It was accompanied by mashed white carrots, which was perfect for added sweetness. (The white carrots here in France are extremely sweet. Thank goodness it wasn’t potatoes; otherwise the dish would’ve been too rich. Though it’s pretty normal for most places to have potatoes accompanying their meat) I had my first glass of Spanish wine here, which was a great accompaniment for my dish. The poultry was also very well cooked. I’m usually careful about ordering poultry when at a restaurant because there is  a tendency for it to be dry, but this was very well cooked!

DSC_0870 DSC_0867

The only “downside” to our dinner was our 1-hour wait for the desert. Yes, one hour. Even one of the waitresses was surprised when we told her we had been waiting. Then, they gave us complimentary dessert wine, which wasn’t so bad and our dessert was delicious as well! I had the apple crumble with celery sorbet, and my friend had chocolate creme brulee. Unfortunately, I don’t remember any pictures being taken. We had waited too long for our dessert and we devoured it when it arrived.

All portions here are small and nothing too decadent, so everything was satisfying for the price we paid 🙂 Chill, casual, nothing too fancy and complicated. It’s great for when you don’t want to overthink about what you’re eating.

NB: They are open Sunday! They don’t take reservations, unfortunately. Have to do it the good old fashion way by lining up or getting there early.


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