ETC… *

DSC_0908Love the concept, and love the food! Christian Le Squer’s ETC might just become my go-to place for a nice night out! Hospitality and service are very on point. This place is great for a number of things such as a nice family dinner or business dinners.

The restaurant is smaller than most Michelin restaurants so it creates more of a welcoming atmosphere, cozy and relaxing. You won’t be overwhelmed with how “upscale” the place is. The ambiance is classy enough that you need to watch your manners, but it is also soothing so that you can loosen up to have a good time. The two lovely waiters at the restaurant creates a sense of familiarity and a slower pace to help you wind down.


The two entrees had were poached egg with truffle cream and oyster raviolis. The poached egg was How can you make the egg taste so creamy itself, have a runny yolk but still make it stay in its place?? I guess it’ll remain a mystery until I become the chef’s close personal friend. The oyster ravioli was a surprise, and to us, a pretty daring dish. The pairing was pretty shocking because I thought the fishy-smell of the oysters would take over the entire dish, but it didn’t!

DSC_0929  I think I am speechless about the pigeon. I’ve had pigeon twice, but this is definitely the most memorable. For starters, I got the entire pigeon. It was made butterfly-style with a very rustic presentation. If I weren’t at a restaurant, I probably would’ve just used my hands! hahaha! Restaurants rarely, or never, give you an entire pigeon. It is sooo fulfilling…a warm and hearty dish. This is the place where the pigeon makes me feel at home and my tummy happy.

DSC_0935For dessert, we had the millefeuille chocolat…which wasn’t what we had wanted, unfortunately. We had requested for their special millefeuille, but the manager forgot! The chocolate millefeuille wasn’t bad, but we were too psyched about what we were supposed to get so we didn’t appreciate it as much.



But it’s a good thing that the manager forgot…because he proposed a special afternoon tea for us the next day! Laurent invited us back to the restaurant when is closed after their lunch hours. So we got the whole restaurant to ourselves for an afternoon tea with a freshly-made millefeuille just for the four of us! YUM! The pastry chef had just made this before he went on his break, so it was fresh! Store-bought millefeuilles are made beforehand, and after sitting there in the boutique they get soggy. But this was …crunchy, flaky, and fresh…and this grand portion just for us…again, speeeeechless.



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