Stohrer, la plus ancienne pâtisserie de France

A short walk from my apartment in the first district, Stohrer is the oldest pastry shop in Paris. They even get their own placard next to their store to dignify this. Don’t judge the place by its size. This is a place I frequent on Sundays for my weekly treat of croissant or pastry when I’m too lazy to go to places farther.

So far, all the pastries I’ve had (and I’ve had a lot) are all pretty satisfying 🙂 I wouldn’t expect any delicate pastry work or presentation. Stohrer is more rustique and traditional. It won’t be as fine as things you get from Ladurée or Piere Hermé.

IMG_0053 This shop is actually where I had my first great croissant in Paris! I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a good croissant. When you take your first bite, you can taste the fluffy and buttery-ness. And on top of that, with its flakey skin and numerous layers, it is the greatest combination. My aunt is on a mission to make some good croissants, so I know just how much of a struggle it is to have something of this quality.

Another specialty is puits d’amour. This, is great. A domed-shaped, made of rings of puff pastry places on top of a pastry circle and filled with custard-cream…can you imagine how flaky it is?  Not too sweet, and covered in flaky crust. YUM. Can’t go wrong.

Their famous specialty is actually baba au rhum, which is too strong for me. Way too strong. Baba au rhum is a french pastry that is literally soaked in rhum. I think it was just too unexpected and too surprising, and on top of that, too much alcohol for me. A lot of people like it though, so I don’t know…give it a shot!

Recently, David Lebovitz posted on his Facebook about how he really liked Stohrer’s “Cinnamon Stars,” so I braved the cold and immediately went out to grab some.  I was a bit disappointed by its size at first since I had imagined it to be a cookie-sized treat. It turned out to be bite-sized…it looked tiny! It’s a small great treat though, and definitely not too sweet. The touch of lemon and ginger adds a good little kick to it. Satisfying, but doesn’t leave me feeling guilty. That’s the best kind of treat.

Before entering their shop, you’ll see an article from Le Fiagro about the best chocolate eclairs in Paris. Eclairs are best when they’re fresh, otherwise they get too soggy. So I would go mid-day before your afternoon tea time to grab this treat. Or before dinner if you prefer to have this as dessert.


Today is the day for Galette du Roi! Stohrer sells a good collection of their own aux pommes ou aux amandes. I had the apple one, it’s a bit like apple pie. Go ahead to Laduree for a better one, and try the almond flavor! Poilane makes a nature one, which apparently, is how it was made before.

The shop also makes a decent flan, Paris-Brest and mille-feuille. All is right with this place. If you want some decent pastries without busting your wallet (as you might if you visited Pierre Herme or Laduree), this is the place to go. I mean, the patisserie has survived since 1730, they have to be doing something right!

NB: Since this is a small patisserie, things can go wrong…I’ve gotten enough croissants from this place to know that it is not a 100% shot all the time. It’s 1.20 euros for their croissant, and its a good size…but I’ve gotten extremely small croissants that literally should be 0.5 euros. I would say 95% of the time, everythings good.


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