L’as Du Fallafel

I’ve been dying to go to this place ever since I got here. It’s got raving reviews from almost everyone. Situated in Le Marais on Rue de Rosiers, L’as Du Fallafel is a great place to get your grub on. There are several other falafel restaurants nearby, but you will only see people lining up for this specific one for both sur place or à emporter. Yeah, unfortunately, there is a line…

IMG_0110 IMG_0102

I went for the Schawarma, the classic way to do Jewish food with lamb and beef. My mom went for the chicken curry. Both were so good and perfect for warming our tummies after walking in the cold. And btw, their pita bread is served warm! Unlike most other places, they put everything in a cold pita bread. That just made everything all the better. Meat on top with their housemade sauce, then a bed of eggplants, other veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers, and their hummus. YUM. Veggies, protein and carbs… You got all the nutrition you need in one Jewish sandwich! Or at least that’s what I tell myself…hehe…










The people are also incredibly warm and friendly! A Jewish guy waiting for his to-go sandwich outside told me it’s all part of their culture. While we were waiting in the freezing cold, a waiter did a fairly good job of entertaining and making us laugh.


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