L’avant Comptoir at Odeon

This is definitely my new favorite tapas-wine bar! Located in the 6th district, it is quite easily overlooked and missed in this somewhat busy area. The place has a small entrance, but it stretches vertically inside. The entrance is accompanied by a crepe stand for those who’d rather get something on-the-go.



The bar is no-seating, standing only. There is also no physical menu. Everything they have is hung up on their ceiling accompanied by a picture. Most dishes are only from 3-4 euros and come in small, but shareable portions. I am willing to bet that they all taste very good. Not sure how many tapas we ordered, but we tried everything we wanted to and everything that sounded good to us. Everything was satisfying. The place fills up quickly during lunch hours and can get a bit crowded. Getting the waiter’s attention can also be a bit of a problem. But the busy atmosphere in this tiny wine bar is all part of the cultural experience! Definitely much more fun than your normal sit-down lunch.


I loved their jambon ibaiona, poitrine de cochon, and oreilles de cochon. The cochon dishes are a bit on the heavier side, but our Asian taste-buds are perfectly accustomed to them.

Their hot-dog saucisse and fried chicken are both delicious as well, but more on the heavier side. The fried chicken isn’t your typical KFC or McDonalds fried-chicken. The skin is extremely light and crispy, since they only dubbed a small layer of flour. Made fresh, of course. Those are definitely for sharing.




10866249_10153453018795830_1745563604725191952_oTheir carpaccio de boeuf is also very well done. The meat is only seared lightly, then topped with roquette, croutons, and parmesan cheese.

The mozzarella cheese with pistachio cream is also a great side with all the heavier dishes. Super refreshing! And of course, always eat it with bread.

Besides the good food, I recommend going with good company 🙂 We spent about 2-3 hours chatting and eating non-stop. A great way to spend your afternoon!

Address: 3 Carrefour de l’Odéon, 75006 Paris

Horaires: tous les jours 🙂


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