Afternoon tea at Le Dali (Hotel Le Meurice)


To end my mama’s trip to France, we decided to pick a place to have afternoon tea where we can relax and just enjoy the atmosphere. After doing some research and reading some reviews we decided to go with Hotel Le Meurice’s Le Dali.

Since afternoon tea/high tea is more of a British thing and not a French thing, I was sort of hesitant and cautious when looking up certain places. But after this…why is high tea only a British thing? It should ALWAYS be a thing.

The place is decorated with furniture that have references to Dali. The ceiling is also very beautiful.  I wish the place was brighter though, but the dim lights add to the relaxing atmosphere…I would’ve actually fallen asleep if it weren’t for my excitement of the upcoming sweet treats.

IMG_0270 IMG_0273DSC_0804








My mom and I both ordered the “Tea Time au Dali.” For a swanky price of 46euros, you get an assortment of sandwiches, homemade scones with homemade jams, and more than enough pastries! You also get to choose a hot beverage to go with it. I ordered Darjeeling Queen Victoria for my tea and she got a cappuccino.
To our surprise, the sandwiches were freshly made and toasted! Asians don’t like to eat cold bread…it’s a fact. Or maybe just Taiwanese haha…My favorite is probably the foie gras sandwich. The sandwiches are good portioned, can be eaten in 2-3 bites.


For sweets, I like the pear tarte. What you think is a pear is actually made out of chocolate, but you get pear confit inside with ice cream. So I would eat this first! And since I am a fan of almonds, I really liked their almond eclair. All in all, the assortment of pastries were pretty good, nothing too heavy or too sweet! (But I wasn’t a fan of their cookie).

What both and my mom liked a lot was their homemade jam, especially their rose jam. Oh-my-goodness. The aroma of rose made us want to eat the entire thing. We were just in awe of how good the rose jam was. Who goes to afternoon tea and fond over jam? Hahaha…

At the end of our tea time, when we were about to pay, the pastry chef came out with fresh madeleines made with a touch of orange confit!

Unfortunately, no matter how yummy and how small the portions of sandwiches and pastries were, we just couldn’t finish it all 😦 I would suggest just ordering one set of afternoon tea to share between two, and just order an extra pot of tea on the side. Now I know for my next upcoming tea time date…


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