Black Forest, Germany

Hinterzarten is a small town in Black Forest with very few establishments. You can get anywhere by foot and it’s quite friendly. It is a bit out of the way, and most people choose to stay in another town. A warning though, I wouldn’t expect any great food to munch on while there…hah. Just go with what you have since the town is satisfied with what they have as well. Listen to their recommendations to avoid any mishaps.

There is a small cafe, about 5-10mins walk from the train station to get your black forest cake. According to Mr Baur, it’s the best in their town. The cake has a heavy alcohol taste to it, and something you might have to adjust to. It is also made with a ton of whipped cream…too much for me. But I guess that’s what it’s suppose to be like. The cafe also has a bunch of other gigantic cakes on display. I actually preferred their mango-flavored cake haha

DSC_0173We stayed at nice bed and breakfast Gastehaus Baur owned by a lovely couple. Mr. Baur was nice enough to pick us up at the train station and drive us to his house. The house is at a great location, offering a good view as well. It is about 10-15 mins walk to the town center.IMG_0016


Fortunately for us, it snowed the next day! For three tropical islanders like us, seeing snow is somewhat magical. During breakfast, we saw Mr. Baur shoveling snow so we offered to help him out. It was more about the fun than the convenience for us hahah. It is really cold though. But, incredibly beautiful! DSC_0170
We took a bus to Gengenbach. Which you MUST DO. It is an incredibly scenic bus ride (especially in the snow, and I’ll bet its just as beautiful in the summer) where you get to see all the small towns along the way. My brother, my mom and I were the only people on the bus, since it’s holiday season and most stay home, so the bus driver was extremely nice and told us which town we were stopping by.

Gengenbach is a very small old town, and very picturesque. A bit like Colmar, and La Petite France in Strasbourg. I really like the fairy-tale like atmosphere and seeing all the colorful buildings. We visited on a Sunday so basically everything was closed, but it’s a great way to enjoy some quiet time.














NB: On the way to Gengenbach, you’ll bump into another town called Triberg, where a lot of tourists like to go. Don’t go. It’s small, and commercialized. We didn’t like it too much, and only spent about an hour there and left. Gengenbach is worth the trip!!





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