Another area in Paris that I’ve grown quite fond of  is the Montmartre area. However, it is a bit of a trip so I don’t venture there as often as I would like. But since I had ample time on my hands due to my long winter break (the only part about the French education system that I remotely like), I decided to spend one sunny afternoon revisiting the places that I like and check out Espace Dali.

IMG_0357I went to KB Cafe first to get my dose of caffeine. This is an Australian coffee shop located in South Pigalle, about 15 minutes walk from Place du Tertre. When I found out it was Australian I immediately went for, yup, you guessed it… Flat whites! It’s my favorite caffeine drink 🙂 Ohhhh how I’ve missed great coffee! You would be surprised that a country like France, who boasts of its gastronomical accomplishments, does not serve great coffee. Though I’ve heard it is slowly improving…

The place also offers Wifi (a rarity in Paris for a place to have internet) and  seems to be acceptable to whip out your laptops here. I saw quite a few people do that. However, they disable their wifi for weekend brunch.

DSC_0367 DSC_0366






Place du Tertre is one of the “main squares” of Montmartre. It’s a place where lots of artists hang out. Paintings and small sketches are displayed, and there are tons of people getting their portraits done. I love the atmosphere of this place. Is it cliché to call it “artsy?”

DSC_0371The main landmark of this area is, of course, the Sacre Coeur. You can walk directly from Place du Tertre to get here. I would 200%for sure to avoid weekends, if possible. Because look at that crowd…yeah, no. Definitely was not fond of it. I visited on a weekday after my mom and brother left, and it was so much more peaceful and quiet. The place is incredibly beautiful, but I’ve heard it’s even better at night….maybe when the weather is nicer.    

Every year in October at the Sacre Coeur, they hold the lively Fête de Vendages. Worth checking out for all the wine and food.


Espace Dali is also close to the Sacre Coeur and just a corner around Place du Tertre. How convenient, right? I’ve only briefly seen some of his works before, but some recent events made me more curious about him so I decided I should visit. Unfortunately, my student card didn’t give me a free entry because it is a private exhibition.

IMG_0347 IMG_0348 IMG_0349 IMG_0353















For some reason, the place decided to compliment his works with “street art.” I didn’t appreciate that as much as I would’ve liked. Though a lot of other visitors there thought it was cool. For me, it made Dali’s works all the more confusing…and his works are pretty confusing already.

PS. A warning about the Montmartre area…it’s a lot of hills and stairs. But the work out justifies the good food you can get afterwards 😉

PPS. Montmartre is known to be the place where award-winning baguettes come from.


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