Come A Casa & Rachel’s Pont Aux Choux

Le Marais (covering the 3rd, 11th, and 9th arrondissement) is one of my favorite places in the city. It’s a pretty hipster area with many boutiques, cafes and bars. It’s also known for its bigger Jewish and gay community. The place is only a few metro stops away from me (M1: St Paul), so I do frequent the area quite a bit.

I’ve been meaning to visit Come A Casa ever since I’ve heard about it from my aunt’s cooking teacher here in Paris (he is Italian, btw). He says they make very good homemade Italian food there. So yesterday, I finally had the time to venture there with my new friend 🙂 Check out her blog here! 

DSC_0823 DSC_0826

Come A Casa is a teeeny restaurant with only a few tables. You’ll probably be elbow-to-elbow with the person at the next table. But that’s what makes this place so nice and homey. A great change from the usual Parisian restaurant scenes. With that said, reservations are a must! The owners speak Italian, French and English. No worries about the communication here, it’s trilingual!

The place serves everything from Italy: wines, cheese and ham. They have a set of choices for entrees, a plat du jour, lasagne du jour and some set plats for you to choose from. We opted for Assortiment Charcuterie Toscane as our appetizer – a very generous plate of sliced Italian meat, with bread served from a paper bag (cute, right?)

DSC_0825 DSC_0828We ordered two glasses of Italian wine to accompany our meal, which was great. I don’t know my Italian wines too well, but I’ve had several great Italian wine experiences that keeps giving me the kick to move on to this country after I finish studying my French wine. DSC_0834 DSC_0838 DSC_0843

For our main dishes, we ordered the lasagne du jour , which was a vegetarian lasagna, and the plat du jour, which was their pasta of the day – with crab meat, tomatoes and white sesame seeds. Both were very homey and hearty dishes. Loved the sauce for both! The lasagne was baked to the point where the edges are crisp with the cheese and the pasta cooked to al dente, just the perfect level of soft and hardness. I just don’t think its possible to get Italian food like that here. I will definitely be revisiting this place again, especially for the wine!!

DSC_0851After our nice lunch, we continued to get our grub on to Rachel’s Pont Aux Choux. Opened by an American, this place is deemed as the best place to get cheesecake. Only about a 20 minute walk from Come A Casa, we ventured to this place for dessert.

The place is a cozy two-story restaurant where you can grab a simple meals as well. We sat at the counter and was able to watch them plate their meals. I usually don’t order salads when I go out to eat because I feel like it is something so simple that I could just make at home. When I eat out, I need to order something to get the bang for my buck. But after watching them make their salads…I’ve decided that making a good salad is actually an art hard to master. Maybe next time when I feel like I need to eat healthy (like when spring comes and it’s no longer acceptable to eat heavy meals).  DSC_0854 DSC_0855

We ordered the raspberry cheesecake and devil’s food cake. I think the pictures speak for themselves (although my camera has been acting up so the pictures don’t actually do the food any justice). Needless to say, both were amazing and we devoured our dessert.

You can always get amazing french pastries. But when you’re craving something American…well, that’s going to be hard to find. Lets just say that I will return to this place when I am craving some of that pecan pie!


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