A Noste

DSC_0958My love for wine bars and tapas bar is still going… and A Noste is a Basque-style restaurant and tapas bar. The restaurant is on the second floor, or in France, premier etage (which translates to first floor…I will never understand this logic. But of course, the tapas bar is where you wanna be! From Mondays to Fridays, their Taloa truck is open for à emporter. So for sure, I will be back here 😉



We started off with croustillants de polenta (fried polenta sticks)…which were amazingly on point. I’ve never been a fan of polenta, at all. But this was delicious!

Their chiprons frites is, in my opinion, the best I’ve had in Paris. You like fried calamari? Yeah, this is the place to go! Other places where I’ve  had fried calamari (or things of this sort,) it was either made with frozen seafood, or the fried skin was just too thick. But here, its fried to the perfect level of crispiness (obviously you can’t compare it with fried calamari in Italy, but this is pretty up to par)!

DSC_0972 DSC_0973

Being that it’s truffle season, we had to order the truffle risotto and truffle rigatoni. In my opinion, the risotto was okay. Although it was cooked well, the aroma of the truffle was not there. Still, the best truffle risotto I’ve ever tasted belongs to Maison de la Truffe. It is my paradise for truffle…and should be for any truffle lovers. The rigatoni though was pretty good. We saw the table next to us order, and couldn’t figure out what it was at first, but the nice French lady pointed it on to the menu for us 🙂 I saw some tables order Mont d’Or aux truffe…which looked SO DELICIOUS, but we definitely did not have enough room in our tummies for that…so, that’s for next time when I bring a whole new gang over with appetites big enough to eat everything else I want on their menu.


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