Crêperie Josselin

Wherever you go in France, there is always an abundance of crêperies. If you want a crêpe, you’ll get one. But, the problem is getting a gooood crêpe. Especially, in a large city like Paris where you just have too many options.

IMG_0440I didn’t bother trying the street stands or some random crêperies. I went to the popular Josselin and got my fill. This place does wonders to these little ‘thin pancakes’. Let me just tell you how amazing their galettes (buckwheat flour crêpes) are. Buttery, and crispy around the edges. They do it couple –  two galettes. 

They make a fresh galette. And instead of turning it slowly in circles, they do it super fast to get the crispy edges. At other places, you will never get that crisp…it will literally taste like a thick pancake. Then, after they’ve put all the fillings on top of the freshly-made galette, they put the already-made galette on top.


Josselin is also extremely generous with their fillings!  Just imagine getting a crepe with the thickness of an omelette. I would not underestimate the size. Everything is also cheap, all under 10 euros! So far, I’ve tried 3 types of savory crepes, and all of them were delicious! They have their Josselin specialty, made with egg, ham, mushrooms, cheese and onions. Their vegetarian with egg, mushroom, onions, cheese and tomatoes. And also another one (forgot the name) made with spinach, goat cheese and cream. My favorite so far is the veggie. You might think it’s boring…but remember I said they’re really generous about their filling…so the veggies topped with the cheese….everything comes out really creamy. YUM. If you’re craving something different, I would go with something under their “specialty” list…as the regular list is just too common.




Their crêpes de Froment (wheat flour crepes) are also amazing. These are the dessert crepes. I would pick something under their “specialty” list. The Carnac is terrific. Vanilla ice cream with almonds and toffee sauce wrapped by a fresh-off-the-pan hot crepe. Perfect way to end your crepe run. I love it when a dessert incorporates the combination of hot, cold and sweet (but not too sweet).



The first time I went to this little creperie, it was around 10pm. The place was still busy, with people lining up outside as well, perhaps getting their late-night snack. I didn’t doubt their popularity for one second, and I was definitely satisfied after eating there. It wasn’t good just because we were hungry and needed to eat something. When I went back the second time, it actually tasted even better.

But of course, if you truly want an amazing crêpe, the only place you can get it is Brittany, its place of origin. In Bretagne, they do wonders to this seemingly simple and effortless snack. But again, it’s France. I’ve learned not to doubt anything when it comes to food with the French.

Crêperie Josselin

67 Rue du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris

Horaires: Tuesday – Sunday 12pm-11pm


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