Who comes to Paris without going to the Louvre? No. One. You can spend a full day there and it will not e enough.


















One of the biggest museums in the world housing priceless art works, the Louvre receives thousands of visitors a day and is projected to expect 12 million annual visitors by 2025! Geezsus…why all the hype?!

It wasn’t until after I’ve been here 4 months that I finally ventured inside this beautiful palace. I have thought about going from time to time, but seeing the amount of tourists lining up kind of turned me off. I don’t like squishing with people, especially in museums where you need your own space to appreciate the art works. But oh man…once I went in, I knew I would be going back.



DSC_0246My favorite exhibits there are the Greek and Roman sculptures, the Italian paintings, and Napoleon III apartments.

I had seen the sculpture garden (atrium) several times from the outside as I walk past the passage on a daily basis. The nicest walk to SciencesPo. This specific passage also has the best acoustics. A cellist plays his music there every night (usually) and it sounds amazing.

If you’ve never seen the La Jaconde, the Mona Lisa, all right, go for it. But if you have, once is enough. It is not worth crowding for. My brother, my mom and I literally stood there for 15 minutes and we did not move a single step. Actually, there was this one really annoying guy with a selfie-stick who stood dead center in front of the painting for a good 10 minutes taking the same exact picture over and over again. Oh, and he was tall, might I add, so it actually inhibited a lot of people from even seeing the painting. My brother got so annoyed that at one point, he said out loud, “Dude, do you live here? Time to take a shower. Move.”









Napoleon III’s apartments is also worth the visit. I love looking at how the royals used to live. The furniture, the silverware, the home decor…everything is so intricate, delicate, and, at the same time, stately and opulent. It’s always such a mystery, how the royals lived.


The second time, I went back on a Wednesday night (the museum stays open until 9:45pm on Wed/Fri)…and it was the best thing I did all week. For us non-locals, the Louvre is such a fascination. For the people here, it just seems like a casual place to hang out. When I was lining up to get in that night, I saw a bunch of old couples, grandmas and grandpas, and some students. Once they got in, they just picked a place where there’s a couch, lounge there and start chatting. Parisians are perhaps known for being rude and snobby…but who can blame them when they’re so cultured?






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