Le Relais Louis XIII **

I know Valentine’s Day was a month ago, but this meal was just too good that I had to do a late post on it, not matter what.

My friend and I decided we needed to enjoy Paris by celebrating our first Valentines Day in Paris. And, we’re both single, so there’s that haha Finding a place for the meal wasn’t hard, it was choosing a place that was hard. A week before Valentine’s Day, the Michelin Guide had already sent me an email of all the restaurants that had offered a Valentine’s day menu…and I went through almost all of them.

IMG_0588I looked at the location, the restaurant decor, the cuisine they offered…etc. Alas, I couldn’t decide, so I went to my secret source and was give Le Relais Louis XIII. This two-starred Michelin restaurant focuses on traditional french cuisine, but of course, haute-cuisine style. It is also the most inexpensive Michelin restaurant I’ve dined at. The Valentine’s menu was at 95euros/person, without drinks. A real steal.

For their regular service, they have a 55 euro lunch menu set, 85 euro dinner set and 140 for a discovery menu. Amazing offers for amazing food. I will definitely be back to taste his famous vanilla bourbon mille feuille!




A meal always starts off with an amuse-bouche to, like the name suggests “amuse the mouth.” It’s usually to warm up your tastebuds for the excellent parade of food that is to come! The amuse bouche was a simple soup de champignon, which was full of flavor and the aroma of their in season mushrooms. Yum!



Then came the St Jacques (the French name for scallops). Pan searing the perfect scallop is hard. You have to take into account the size and the thickness of the scallop to determine how much time to give each side to not only get the perfect golden brown, but to have it cooked well enough and raw enough for the perfect texture. as well. This one single scallop here was definitely a masterful piece of artwork. It was so good that I didn’t want to finish it. Combined with the truffle sauce….heavenly. (I am so glad they incorporated truffle into their menu, since I am a hugeeeee fan of truffles.)




The second entrée was a foie gras and lobster ravioli with mushroom cream. Heavier than the previous entree, but nevertheless, on point, combining just a few of my favorite things. This is actually one of the chef’s classic creations, so you will have the chance to try it out if you go to the restaurant for lunch or dinner!



The Saint Pierre fish is deemed as the “royal fish” by the French, and the chef gave it the royal treatment it deserved. The fish course was definitely one of my favorites. If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll realize that the French usually eat some form of meat. If fish is offered at a restaurant, it is seldomly well made, or worth ordering. I usually only order fish at nicer restaurants. This though, was amazing, the best fish I have tasted in a really long time.



It’s very typical that if you’re doing a full course meal (at least 4 courses) meal, you will get un poisson et une viande. Our meat dish was chicken with…yes, truffle sauce. Creating a good piece of chicken is just as hard as creating a good piece of steak. People often think of chicken as something easy and simple, and something bland.  And yes it is, if you just want it to be edible. But for it to be on the next level, it takes much more effort.



The dessert was a moist chocolate cake made out of “Grand Cru” chocolate and truffle ice cream, which was the highlight of the entire dish. I had never tasted truffle ice cream before…and oh my goodness, was it good! I had expected it to be salty…but it wasn’t. The aroma of the truffle, but with the sweetness of vanilla still intact.  How?! How?! Completely divine and definitely one of my favorites of this entire meal. Needless to say, we were both so surprised. We are now on a hunt to find truffle ice cream…a real challenge, actually. If you happen to know, please spare us the misery.



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