Little city Prague

One of my favorite things to do when I visit an European city is to explore the older part of town. The cobble stones and the old architecture sets a intangible link between people who have walked the very same paths in the past and the people who are only now discovering the secrets of the city.

Prague is an unassuming little city that hosts some neat treasures. The city can be explored on foot, everything is cheap (the exchange rate was amazing 1eur to 27 czech dollars) and you get amazing views.


The Prague Castle is probably my favorite. To get there, I will not advise you to walk. Take the city tram, it’s free and takes around 15 minutes for you to get there. And do get off at the stop that everyone gets off at, unlike us. We made a mistake haha. The name is a bit misleading though. It’s more like a fortified small town than a castle. There is one main cathedrale that everyone visits, and another smaller one. There is also a small shopping street that sells a lot of hand-made trinkets, which are very nice to check out. I loved the little shop that sold porcelain cups and plates. I don’t know why, but I love buying cups! It’s a weakness, really.

The castle is also located at the top of the hill, you will also get an amazing view of the city. Thank goodness the sun was shining when we visited!



After a visit to the Prague Castle, we decided to walk to Cafe Savoy. It’s a beautiful cafe with decorated high ceiling. Definitely a popular place to chill among the locals as well as the tourists, and convenient located next to the river where you can stroll along after. IMG_0722



The astronomical clock remains a famous landmark of the city. It is a complicated piece of design…and I don’t understand how it works, but it is quite mesmerizing and beautiful. It also plays music on the hour haha. You should also make your way to the top of the astronomical clock for a view of the entire city and the old town square! Highly recommended – and definitely go in the morning so it’s not crowded and you can take as many pictures as you want 🙂


Of course you should not miss the Charles Bridge, which is by far the most beautiful bridge I have encountered in Europe (and I’ve encountered a lot). The view is amazing as well, but the different statues along the bridge is probably my favorite. It is a very calming walk in the morning and evening, and a more up-beat crowd during the day. There will be a lot of hand-made crafts and some musicians.




Isn’t the view gorgeous at night? The view from the side of the old town is, in my opinion, the best and definitely not to be missed!

Warning & NB: Do not take the boat tour. It is a waste of time. I can walk the entire city faster than sitting in that boat. Also Czech food is not great…it’s basically German food. A fine Italian restaurant I would suggest while in the city is “La Finestra Cucina.” Friendly service, great food and wine selections!



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