Briezh Café


I’ve mentioned how annoying it is to find a satisfying crêpe. Not your street-stand crêpe that makes them taste like pancakes…I was definitely beyond excited that I’ve found something closer to me!

Unlike Josselin’s crêpes, Breizh Café makes theirs in a traditional style, but with more creative fillings. (Whereas at Josselin, you get traditional feelings, but a couple style crêpe). If you’re too lazy to cross over to the 14th arrondissement, Breizh is conveniently located in the trendy Marais area. But both places are contenders for the best crêperie in Paris.

At Breizh, everything is organic and artisanal. The freshly made crêpe comes with a very generous amount of filling. Can you imagine getting all that creamy goodness…eggs, cheese, mushrooms and jambon, all wrapped up by a perfectly crispy buckwheat crêpe? This place is good for brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, and maybe even dinner.

This has definitely become one of my favorite spots for crêpes. If its too busy at their main restaurant and you’re going without a reservation, you can  head over to their epicerie where they have a big table. They serve the same menu 🙂


I would definitely give their “Crêpes du moment” a try. I’ve had the “Galette Calamar” and “Campagnarde.” Both are amazing! I’ve never had calamars or duck in a galette before! I am definitely more of a savory crêpe girl, so I can definitely vouch for their galettes here.

Breizh also has a great collection of cidre, which is the drink that accompanies your savory galette. Or you can go for a bowl of buttermilk…which in my opinion, is probably too heavy. Though maybe one day, I should give it a try…




My favorite sweet crépe is perhaps the Carrement Sarrassin. It comes with buckwheat crepe (instead of the butter crepe you usually get), buckwheat honey, and the best part, buckwheat ice cream. Sounds weird, I know. I thought the ice cream might have a woody or tea-like taste…but no! The ice cream had this slight wood-burnt aroma and a very very subtle taste of buckwheat tea, which I love. I highly recommend giving it a try! Definitely one of my favorite desserts there!




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