3 months…

Seeing as I only have a about 3 months left here, I decided that I needed to really soak in Paris…all the bad and all the good, and everything in between. I’ve already done my fair share of ‘tourist activities’ and have pretty much immersed myself into the French life. There are so many neat things about this city beyond its typical must-see-must-do.

The best way to capture the details of French life is, well, through camera. I think most will probably be taken by my iPhone since I cannot afford to carry around a DSLR everywhere I go. Thus, I apologize in advance for poor quality.

But I do hope these pictures won’t turn out to be the typical tourist pictures (though I can’t help it if some of them do end up like that), but rather, pictures that document what Parisian (French) life really is.


On one of my morning visits to Rue Montorgueil’s market, I saw this girl riding her bike…with a ton of baguettes. Front and back.


A foggy and misty sunset over the Seine. Or at least that’s what I thought it was. Turns out it’s air pollution. The next day, Paris announced that the city’s pollution had topped Beijing (whose pollution was the worst in the world) and decided to give people 3 days of free metro rides. Lucky for my friend who had to leave for the CDG airport that morning.


Fresh produce, fromage, charcuterie, rotisseries, artisanal delis…definitely a foodie paradise. Always love a morning trip to Bastile Marché. You can count on open air markets to be open on the notorious “French Sunday.”




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