Having eaten in so many restaurants, I am still surprised by the level of attention and care a place will give to their food preparation and hospitality.

DSC_0464A second restaurant from the team of Pirouette, Zebulon definitely lives up to the reputation of its predecessor. Cozy and intimate ambiance coupled with patient and friendly hospitality, Zebulon is definitely off to a great start! The place offers a formule dejeuner for 20 euros (entree of the day and main dish of the day). For dinner, you have set menu for 45 euros. My friend and I went for dinner so we opted for the set menu. Only one of us could speak French, so the waiter explained the entire menu, dish by dish, and in detail about how it’s made, the type of fish or meat. Most places would have just rapidly gone through the list, but here, you can expect the whole deal.

(NB: Check out my friend’s blog! She is currently studying in Amsterdam!)

DSC_0462 DSC_0511


Their amuse bouche a cheese chou and salmon.



We ordered two fish entrées – chinchard and dorade. I’m usually never too fond of cold, cooked fish, but this was too good to not finish. At first bite, I could taste the freshness of the fish, and its flakiness was definitely an added plus. The accompanying sauces for both were great compliments as well.



For main courses, we chose the lotte (monk fish) and filet de veau (calf meat) I was pretty impressed. My mains here topped the ones I had at Pirouette, even in terms of presentation.Once I actually put the food in our mouths after taking several photos,  I could really feel taste the attention to detail that the chef must’ve given the dish during its preparation process.

The fish was cooked to perfection, and that’s a hard feat to achieve. It was almost fully cooked, but not completely. And the sauce with the melted cheese on a root vegetable…amazing. Our other main course was also worth praising.  Before even putting the meat in my mouth, I had the expectation of it being soft and tender due to the pinkness. My expectations were definitely reached! Not only was it cooked to a perfect level of medium-rare,  its meaty texture was also retained.



Dessert…obligatory. We ordered poire au miel and tarte au chocolat.  The pear was on the lighter side and the chocolate tart on the heavier side, so we created a good balance. I’m pretty sure I don’t really need to inform you about the dessert since the pictures speak for themselves.


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