Hidden in Passage des Panoramas, Racines is a nice little restaurant with an open kitchen that serves a small menu, but each dish, rest assured, is prepared with the level of care and attention you need. The service is friendly and casual. No need to keep your voices down if you decide you need to chat, unlike a lot of other restaurants.



The menu was short, and we were hungry. They only took 8pm reservation at the earliest, which is definitely not normal dinner time for most people. After all this time, I still find it hard to get used to the late dinner hours the French have. Everything looked pretty good on the entrées so we ordered 3 different things and one main dish.


I’ve always loved a good plat de charcuterie, but was never a fan of chorizos, until recently. Now, I find it a must. So yes, we ordered chorizos. Yum.


We also ordered filet de merlou, which was delicious. Light, flaky, and fresh – everything you would hope to get in a fish dish. The legumes that accompanied the fish were very tasty as well.


We definitely loved the fresh crab meat topped with beets. Also very light, but full of flavor. It was so refreshing,  like tasting spring in my mouth.


The longe de porc is also definitely worth the try. I was a bit hesitant about it, but we had chicken a few days ago, and the fish just didn’t sound too enticing (though when I saw the table next to us order it, it looked so damn good), so we went with the pork.

Overall, a unique dining experience due to its location. I actually had second thoughts about this place since I found out its previous owner no longer owns the restaurant…but hey, it’s doing pretty well! Nothing to worry about 🙂 I sure do hope their menu changes because I would love to go back to this cozy little place!


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