Les Papilles


This place exceeded all expectations, and is by far, the best bistro meal I have had in Paris! I cannot emphasize how much you need to visit it! And you can bet I’ll be visiting this place again and again. The place welcomes chefs on their day off and serves great homemade-comfort-style French food with top quality ingredients. You simply cannot go wrong. I have nothing but praises to sing for Les Papilles. BTW, reservations are a must!

Les Papilles is simple – a changing daily menu for of 4 courses for 35 euros (entrée, plat, fromage and dessert). You get to pick your wine from their shelves and they open it for a small corkage fee of 7 euros. It might be awkward to get up and pick your own wine since it’s pretty inconvenient to be trying to peep over other guests in the restaurant to see the shelves. Best way is to quickly, but seeming casual, to scan through the shelves from a small distance to get a good idea of what you want, then ask for suggestions.


Our entree was velouté de choux fleur, cauliflower cream soup, which was served to us in a big pot. It comes with a bed of croutons, some chopped green onions and a cold cream. Now imagine that steaming hot soup being drizzled over it. Yeah, it was good. Yeah, we finished it.



As much as I loved the soup though, nothing beats the main course poulet au pesto. The shining star of the night (no exaggeration). Homemade pesto sauce with chicken. Man, I’m just drooling as I write this. When the waitress gave me the iron pot, that heavenly aroma of pesto had already hit me. I reached for the spoon and enjoyed that smell perhaps for a bit too long, and said to my friend, “You know what, it would be so perfect if we had pasta with it.” I then started fiddling with the spoon as I get myself ready to transfer a piece of chicken on to my plate…hahah and you know what?

I. saw. penne.

Holy f****** sh**.

No one, except my friend who was with me, and perhaps other guests that night who are also eternally ruined by the smell of this pesto, can understand my excitement. My night was officially made and all expectations reached.


The cheese course was a small slice of Camembert topped with chives, and served with homemade apple compote and chili flakes. Always great to have fromage. I can never say no to fromage.


I think I just said that all my expectations were reached during this meal. Well, dessert was where Les Papilles went beyond my expectations. Don’t doubt this simple panna cotta. I had actually never been a fan of it, but I sure am a fan of this one right here. Topped with caramel flavored foam and a bed of orange at the bottom, this panna cotta had the right level of creaminess. Tastes amazing and heavenly. And definitely the right way to end the meal since it’s pretty light, to balance the heavier dishes we’ve had.

For sure, plan on walking after you dine here. We walked for about an hour after our meal and was still full! But if we went back in time, we would’ve probably done the same thing – eat everything on our plates.

Gaaaaahhhhh when can I go back?! I need to go back!


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