Rodin Museum

On a beautiful day like this…I wish I was out strolling in a nice garden while sipping a cup of cappuccino. Unfortunately, school work is unavoidable, so I can only wish that I was at Musée Rodin on a sunny day like today.

If you feel like a break away from big tourists groups but still want to spend time in a museum, Musée Rodin is the place to go! We went half an hour after it opened and there was a minimal amount of people. Come noon time, the crowd still wasn’t huge. The place is a little bit off the path of your typical tourist route, but it’s definitely worth visiting!

While there are many works in doors, my favorite is definitely the sculpture garden. It’s great, especially when the sun’s out 🙂



The entire place is also small enough so that it’s do-able in a couple of hours. I love the relaxing (and not busy) atmosphere. Compared to the big museums like Louvre and D’Orsay, Musée Rodin makes me feel like I’m stepping into someone’s home.


Inside La Chapelle, there are a few great exhibitions worth visiting.




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