Au Passage

Pas Cher, for sure. Situated in the Marais, Au Passage is only a place well known among locals, for the locals. There were a few English speaking guests while we were there, but they were gone before the local crowd started to swarm in. I can still never understand how people manage to eat at 8pm or 9pm here…


Their menu is short and simple; dishes are from 8-15 euros, and everything is made in this small kitchen. Unless you want to go for the lamb shank to share, which actually looked really delicious, but definitely not for us two girls…as big as our stomachs are….I don’t think they’re big enough haha.


Service is friendly, and the staff knows how to speak English pretty well, which is a surprise considering that this is a local spot. 



We started out with saucisse fumé and some St Jacques. The scallops were beautifully done , and as my friend said, “buttery.”


This was tête de cochon, and delicious, fried to perfection! Getting something fried very well is not as easy as I would like it to be. Some people can over do it with the flour, some over do it with the oil…and some just get it down right wrong. But this was perfectly crispy. Highly recommend getting this! I also thought there was a very Japanese touch to it, with the sweet soy sauce.


We decided to get cheese, of course. There was Gouda, Morbier, some type of fromage de chevre, and blue cheese…which we did not touch. I might have put some into my mouth and regretted it immediately. I love cheese, but blue cheese is pushing it a bit.

The atmosphere is pretty lively and noise level quite high.  Not a place for gourmet food, but for small plates and socializing! Friendly service ensures a good time.


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