Pavillion LeDoyen ***

If you can find a man who looks good and knows how to cook…that’s probably Yannick Alleno.

Having been taken over by Yannick Alleno in July 2014, this three Michelin star restaurant is off to a decent start and with a lot of room for progress. Some good and some bad, but all quite an experience for your taste buds, the food represents Alleno’s daring personality and demonstrates his will to “break the rules of French cuisine and to take a stand for liberty and culinary creativity. Before we started our meal, Alleno came to greet us himself and strike up a small chat. (swoon)




To be honest, I was not surprised by the amuse bouche, and actually quite disappointed. It lacked flavor and well…it presentation itself made it seem like he was trying too hard to provide an experience that just wasn’t there at all. The presentation tells me that the dish is made with a Japanese touch, but everything was just too bland for me.  The amuse bouche had in fact, failed to amuse me.


Butter from Jean Yves Bordier and bread…always a good start and always a must. I didn’t have breakfast that morning so the waitress was probably astounded by the amount of bread I had consumed. My favorite was the olive bread. Also served warm, horrah!



l1000426 In between our fish course and our meat course, our cutleries were suddenly taken away and replaced. The waiters were murmuring amongst themselves; I was so confused. Had they made a mistake? That would’ve been bad.

It turns out though, that the chef decided to treat us to a dish. Yes, and only our table got it! The waiter told us it was a gift from the chef and one of his special creations.  It was a type of savory cake with extremely thin and lightly fried skin, sprinkled with salt on top. The sauce…I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it complemented the entire dish very well. I loved this surprise and felt so special!


The pigeon was my favorite (minus the lentil sauce at the bottom, which was too salty). It was a Moroccan style dish. Besides from the lentil sauce being too salty, everything else was great. The meat was perfectly cooked. When it comes to cooking pigeon – under cook it, and it taste so gooey, overcook it and it hardens.




This was also part of the meat dish. I refuse to listen to the explanation of what body part of a pigeon it was, but I assure it was an intestine. I didn’t want to know because that would’ve probably prevented me from eating it. I didn’t like the bun though and thought it could’ve been made much better.




Dessert was a hit! Props to LeDoyen’s dessert chef! I enjoyed the orange jelly in the end very much, as well as their “after-dessert” treats, especially the creme brulee tart, which was  the best version of creme brulee I have ever tasted since I got here.






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