Easter weekend getaway at Annecy

Annecy was recommended as a weekend getaway trip by one of my dad’s colleagues. He had lived in France for 9 years and had travelled all over France; he said this was his favorite place. Of course, that prompted me to visit this little town.

Annecy is located in the Haute-Savoie region, a region known for cheese btw, and is really close to Geneva. From Paris, the train ride is about 4 hours. The sceneries along the way was great. Lots of open field and small towns. Sometimes it’s just nice to get a break from the city-scape and get some real landscape.


We went to Château d’Annecy , which was the home of the Counts of Geneva. It’s nothing fancy, but it houses a pretty cool collection of art works right now. It’s on top of a hill where you can get a nice view of the entire old town. Would’ve been better if it wasn’t raining, of course.




I have a major thing for open-air markets. I love looking at fresh produce and can never resist visiting them if the city I’m at has one. Yeah, they all pretty much sell the same thing, but it’s so interesting to see the interactions between the people and some local specialties you probably would never see. One thing I can say about Annecy’s market is that there is a huge selection of cheese. There seems to be more people selling cheese than anything else.



The sun came out on our second day there, and the entire town was gorgeous. Compared to our first day when it was gloomy and raining nonstop, you can really appreciate the views and atmosphere Annecy has to offer. The colorful buildings and the small river that runs through the old town creates that country-side atmosphere we wanted.

The iconic picture of Annecy (above) is Palais de l’Isle . It’s  a castle in the of Geneva‘s administrative headquarters, and is today a local history museum.


The lake and the big jardin that surrounds it was definitely my favorite. It was just too windy and chilly for a nice long walk and picnic. But look! The water is clear. As much as I love walking by the Seine, the muggy water kind of turns me off and also I cannot help but feel disgusted that I drink from it every day.



Annecy is definitely worth a day-trip visit for a nice city-getaway. The pace of life is rather slow, and people are rather friendly as well. Most tourists tend to be French too.



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