Maison de la Truffe

I would’ve never guessed that food would become such an obsession for me here. I had prepared myself to really enjoy the architecture, the museums, the history and the culture, but definitely not food.

I’ve developed many (unhealthy?) obsessions since I got here – wine…cheese…bread…pastries…wine… But these were obsessions that I had sort of foreseen. One obsession that I’ve come to develop, which completely took me by surprise, is my obsession with truffle. There are tons and tons of restaurants in Paris, and I’ve been to countless great ones, but one that I’ve visited at least three times is Maison de la Truffe. I think this is probably my fifth time here. It’s not that they serve anything life-changing, but this is where you can count on getting quality truffle. If you see bistros or restaurants (unless high end) serving truffle, never get it – it’s not worth it.

At Maison de la Truffe they serve a few good classics “incontournables” that will make you fall head over heels for truffle (if you weren’t a fan before).


This is one of the best parts of the meal. The truffle olive oil give you to dip your baguette with. I’m usually okay with plain baguette, but this….is irreplaceable. Dipping my bread in olive oil just isn’t the same anymore. I want the truffle!!! The good news is that they sell it in their boutique (adjoined to their restaurants), so you can be sure to pick one up after your meal. I definitely need to get my hands on one before I leave.


My favorite dish by them is their truffle creme tagliatelle, plain and simple. You get the entire experience just from this one simple dish. I never understood how seductive the scent of truffles could be until I got this dish. Ugh. How do I make this on the daily basis?


Their most famous classic dish is the truffle risotto, which I suggest getting it as it is. I’m not a big risotto person, but this is amazing. I would get this risotto. You will also have the option to get a lobster truffle risotto, or with asparagus. Please do not do that. It will completely ruin the truffle. When I took my mom here, I saw a table next to us get the lobster risotto…and we could smell the fishy-ness of the lobster…it wasn’t pleasant. I think the lobster was too strong so it covered the truffle scent — which is definitely what you do not want. Why would you want to ruin your dish that way?


I’ve also tried both of their pizzas, and I would say my favorite is the Pizza a la blanche. True, there is no cheese, no sauce no topping or whatever…but, as the waiter said, it is one of the best ways to enjoy the truffle. Its white truffle sauce smeared on the pizza, accompanied by truffle shavings. I swear our mouths were filled with the aroma of white truffle after having eaten that. A definite must try.

Their other pizza that comes with roquette and mozzarella was so-so. I didn’t think it was worth getting, to be honest. I mean, it was a good pizza, but we didn’t get the truffle experience we wanted. We couldn’t really taste it or smell it. Something utterly wrong.



Their tagliatelle au foie gras, was good too. But something was off about the chef that day at dinner, I think, because it turned out to be too dry. The tagliatelles were stuck together and ehh…I was disappointed. But, to compensate…do you see how big the truffle shavings are?

I sure am going to miss this place when I leave…they need a branch in LA. If you know any willing investors, hit me up.



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