Mozarella from Mmmozza


It seems like not so long ago that Paris was under a gray spell, and now, I just have one question…what is up with this weather? This perpetually nice weather.

I envy those who can dine out on terraces all day, sipping their drinks and eating charcuterie or fromages. Unlike them, I have school work. The more time I spend inside, the guiltier I feel. I should be outdoors too!

Seeing all the terrace-dining reminds me very much of my past summers in Italy, where I would do the same….enjoying the view, people watching, drinking, relaxing. That, somehow, caused me to have a craving for mozzarella cheese. So when I went home, I went on Google and found Mmmozza on 57 Rue de Bretagne in the Marais.




This cute little Italian epicerie sells everything from wine, cheese, ham to coffee and pasta. Their antipasti with mozzarella was just what I needed. Oh and of course, their charcuterie plate. Always need a good charcuterie plate.

Located on Rue de Bretagne, it is just across from the garden Square du Temple. We simply crossed over the road and had a little picnic their with a half bottle of Champagne. Overall, incredibly satisfying. The cheese was so creamy and fresh, and the meats, amazing.

NB: Apparently, you’re not allowed to have alcohol in the gardens or on the streets. Patrols were walking around the area caught us (the second time they passed by, perhaps from my red face), but we had already finished our bottle.


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