A very small, but nice and cozy wine bar with seating for perhaps a maximum of 20 people. True, there is probably nothing special about the restaurant decoration itself, besides the shelves of wine, but it just makes me feel homey and incredibly comfortable. It’s a place I would go to on a weeknight when I don’t feel like cooking, but need a good meal. The food is nothing fancy, but rather, a good home-cooked meal from a small kitchen. An extremely reliable home-cooked meal.  Unfussy, not overdone, not overwhelming, but comforting, and what you would need after 6 hours of classes.


A must get is their spicy chorizo. I fell in love with chorizo because of this wine bar. Omg chorizo.


Fried lamb balls. Amazing, with a very ethnic taste. Definitely unexpected, but done so well. The sauce is amazing too. We couldn’t get enough! Probably would’ve licked the plate clean if I was eating it alone.



The chicken with butternut squash, onions and kale. It amazed me how soft and tender they could make the chicken.  When we had our first bite, we just nodded in agreement as we kept chowing down on the dish. Definitely don’t underestimate what this small wine bar has to offer.


The place also has a good selection of wine, not just French wine! Spanish and Italian available.
I walked by this place the other day on my way to Ellsworth for lunch and saw that their menu had changed! This just means I need to have a “lazy” week night so I can eat here instead of trying to whip up something at home.
Address: 47 Rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris
Monday 6pm-12am
Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-12am
Sunday closed

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