Gardens for Spring Time

It seemed as if not so long ago that Paris was under a grey spell, and now the weather is simply too beautiful. I love it but I hate it at the same time. As the school semester is coming to a close the amount of workload suddenly increased by 200%. It’s just too hard to lock myself in and do work. It’s actually impossible. Thankfully though, I live next to two nice gardens that I can venture to at my own will when I feel like I need a quick break.

  • Jardin Tuileries

Situated across from the Louvre, Tuileries is constantly crowded with tourists and tour groups. It’s pretty hard for me to find a seat most of the time. Nevertheless, it is beautiful and I spend many of my Sundays there, when it’s Sunny. The garden is hugeeee, it stretches all the way to Concorde. There are a couple cafes in the garden, and along its side is Rue Rivoli, where you can do some shopping. Two of the only English bookstores in Paris are situated there. The famous Angelina (but don’t let the reputation fool you, because it’s really not all that) and Le Meurice (great afternoon tea) are both on that street as well.




It is also one of the best places to lie down and have a picnic, if you don’t mind the constant crowd.

  • Palais Royal

This place is tucked behind Comedie La Francaise, and, I would say, pretty hidden from the tourist crowd. It’s smaller and quieter too, filled mostly with locals. Definitely a good place to read, enjoy the cherry blossoms or do some window shopping. There are often little kids playing on the black and white pillars as well. I can’t believe how I got so lucky to have two of the best gardens here near me. This place is also near Rue Saint-Anne, Paris’ Little Tokyo. The best udon spot in Paris Kunitoraya, is very close by. Also conveniently close to some nice places to dine –  Zebulon, Juveniles, Verjus, and a good cozy wine bar Le Garde Robe.




Cherry blossoms are the newest addition to this garden 🙂


Paris has a bunch of other gardens around the city that are definitely worth visiting as well.

  • Jardin Luxembourg

I wish Luxembourg wasn’t so far away, otherwise, I would be there everyday. That’s the only complaint I have about this place though. Besides that, everything is picture perfect. The museum there is currently hosting the exhibition Les Tudors, which I’ve been wanting to go see. One of my favorite restaurants in Paris Les Papilles is located near here as well. Why not go for a nice lunch then a walk around the park? That seems to be the trend these days.

  • Place de Vosges

Definitely one of my favorite gardens in the charming Marais (one of my favorite areas). When the weather was in the process of becoming warmer, you could see people licking on their gelato from the near by Amorino shop. Now that the weather is actually nice, I hope the fountains are turned on.



  • Other gardens in the Marais…

Did you know there are 20+ gardens in the Marais? Most of them are “hidden.” It was only that I stumbled upon them by accident that I knew they existed. These are amazing places to lounge and read. Usually very quiet since they’re occupied by a small crowd. Mostly locals as well. They are definitely worth exploring!



This one is conveniently located near  L’As du Falafel. If you don’t wanna get messy from eating your falafel on the street because you’re too self-conscious, like me,  I suggest you walk over here where there won’t be anyone to judge you and whatever method you use to devour your food.



I had no idea we had an Musée des Archives, let alone one that included its own garden. If you want the sun, but don’t wanna sit in it, this is a good place to go. You can choose to sit on the benches in the corridors.

How great is it to be in a city, a metropolitan city, and still have a lot of green space wherever you go?

Happy lounging!


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