Le Mary Celeste (Round 2)

I enjoyed this wine and cocktail bar so much my first time that I decided it was worth coming back. Since the sun has been setting late, I was able to snatch some decent photos of the food this time. As one of the few places that are open 7/7, it is also one of the few places that can whip up good cocktails. The tapas are just as impressive. Short and sweet menu that changes daily, easy to choose from and easy to share. They also serve oysters.





(PC to Ariel, Wu Xian check out her blog as well for more Parisian stories as an exchange student!)


They have some great inventive cocktails, and along with some classics. They also serve wine by glass and vy the bottle. Sufficient options to last you through the night.


An incredibly simple menu is sometimes just what you need. Too many options can drive me nuts – I am pretty indecisive when I am presented with too many options of food. My eyes are bigger than my stomach, as the saying goes.


To start, we ordered magret de canard fumé, smoked duck-breast. Incredibly refreshing and light with their homemade ricotta, which was my favorite part. They added herbs to give it an extra kick. I was pretty impressed.



This really hit home for me, and reminded me of what my family and I would eat during CNY. The bun was alright, but the filling was great. It has been tooooo long since I’ve had spicy food. If I wanted spicy food, I probably just add tabasco to whatever I was making at home. Which, by the way, has not worked out as well as I would’ve liked it too. The langue de boeuf, beef tongue and the pickled cucumbers with the spicy sauce together, was a great combination. Not to be missed. I was hoping that it would be what I had last time, their spicy grilled cheese, but this was really good as well. Impressed again.


The crude de mulet noir was another surprise. When you’re eating raw fish, you want to eat it extremely fresh. My friend and I have had our fair share of sashimi, so we knew this played up to par. DSC_0175


And then finally came our fish tacos. We waited quite a while for this, as I am sure you can tell from the pictures since candles are needed to light up our table. We waited 40 minutes to be exact. And…well, it was not worth the wait, unfortunately. I liked the sauce, but it was too strong and covered up the fish entirely. I actually felt like I was just eating a cold taco with hot sauce.


Their basement is their cave and their tiny kitchen. Next time, I’ll probably opt to sit here (if I am so lucky to come here for a third time). Perhaps I could learn a thing or two from watching the chefs prepare the food…and maybe annoy them a bit when our food doesn’t come after 40 minutes.

When we went down stairs for the WC, the chef was actually pretty pissed as the waiters had not been picking up the food to serve. It was all piling up in the kitchen! Good on him for yelling at them. Service was actually slow that day, but I guess that’s what you get for having such a good crowd.



Yes, the French do eat late. But coming here at 7pm, it was already packed. Reservations highly recommended. Can be made from their website or through telephone.

Le Mary Celeste

Address: 1 Rue Commines, 75003 Paris

Phone:09 80 72 98 83

Hours: Monday-Sunday 6pm-2am



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