A restaurant notorious for its strictness on booking, Septime is actually one of the hardest restaurants to get into. You can only book three weeks in advance. Precisely three weeks in advance; not a day sooner or a day later. I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I discovered this place, but was also too lazy. Now with the little time I had left, it was time to make the extra effort.

But of course, I would soon find out that they’re only this picky about reservations when you are reserving by telephone. After our meal here, I decided that I had take my Aunt when she visits (in precisely three weeks), so I asked to make a reservation. The waitress told me, “Ah! Trois semaines apres? C’est tres simple et facile!”  Uh…..what?? It was never easy. They then proceeded to tell me that the three-week rule only applied to phone reservations, but because I am there, I can choose whenever I wanted to come back. Of course…how French of them.



Service was overall, pretty friendly. Waiters knowledgeable and confident about their food. When we left something on our plates, they would ask us “You didn’t like that?” or “No potatoes?” But it was not asked with a condescending tone, but with a friendly smile and kind of a disappointed tone since it may have seemed like we didn’t like their food. Or perhaps, surprised that we didn’t like it.



I could not get over the decor – I loved the rustic feel of the restaurant! I loved how they made great use of the natural light with their big windows as well.


We had considered doing the tasting menu, but decided against it. Instead, we both got the 30euro menu and ordered all different things, so in the end, we still got 6 dishes! This is perhaps one of the best-valued meal I’ve had. For the quality of food we got, I could not believe it was only 30euros. With wine, everything still came under 40 euros. An amazing deal!


No, we did not order gin…haha this is actually their carafe d’eau. It’s quite a pretty bottle though.


For entrées: bouillon des legumes and asperges blanches.

The bouillon des legumes was made with a sublime broth and an amazingly well-cooked egg. The egg was so perfect. Still yolky, but not too yolky so that one you break the egg, it spreads all over your soup. How does one go about accomplishing this oeuf mollet? The waitress also told me that the accompanying jambon was of the highest quality you can get in Paris. (This was the dish where I had left my potatoes…lol)



Currently in season is white asparagus. I would never eat or make asparagus myself…but after having this dish, I think I should reconsider. Made with onions,beaufort cream and hazelnut, this entrée was the perfect start to a springtime meal.




Both our mains were amazing. I want to first give kudos to chefs and then give kudos to the incredibly fresh and high quality ingredients they used. It really does make such a difference.

The merlan de ligne with citrus butter, spinach cream, and grilled zucchini was exactly what I had been craving for a few days. It had the perfect balance.

The cochon…was WOW. Amazing. Since both my friend and I came from a background/culture that eats this kind of pork (that comes with fat) all the time, we knew what was a well-cooked one. Once we tasted it, we could only nod in agreement at how good this was. I think after we started eating, our conversation basically centered around on “I can’t believe how good this is!”

DSC_0354 Dessert was good, but I thought it could’ve used a bit more creativity. They really just assembled three different things together.  Though considering the entrées and plats were on the heavier side, the light dessert was a good way to end our meal.

To be honest, I had my doubts about Septime. I thought it would be one of those over-hyped restaurants, since you had to book precisely 3 weeks in advance. I am so glad I was proven wrong. Now, I am even considering trying out their other restaurant Clamato. If you’re planning a trip to Paris, make sure you book this place!

I can’t wait for my meal there in another three weeks! Updates to come… 🙂


Address: 80 Rue de Charonne, 75001

Hours: Lunch Tues-Friday 12h15 – 14h00, Dinner Mon-Friday 19h30-22h00


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