Au Petit Sud Ouest

Foie gras is a pretty iconic French item, and it seems to appear in almost every restaurant or bistro menu I come across. But it is just as hard to find quality foie gras as it is to find a quality baguette. A good foie gras will have the perfect amount of fat, and when pan-fried to perfection…oh man. It is heavenly. Good for the soul, but bad for the cholesterol level. Oh well.





We shared an entrée of pan-fried foie gras with truffle sauce…which was amazing. Smelled great when they served it to us, and tasted great in our mouths. I wish the foie gras itself had been thicker, but the quantity more than made up for this. And as you can see, the amount is more than enough for one person. I’m glad we shared, though I would’ve loved to get a room with this foie gras.



The restaurant has a great selection of duck-themed dishes, but well known for their duck leg confit and whole duck breast. I’ve had really good duck leg at Chez Dumonet, so I opted for the duck breast,  which omg…I did not know how big the portion was going to be! But the meat was done so well! The right technique when it comes to cooking duck breast is to cook it with the fat. A lot of restaurants don’t get it right, but it’s essential to giving the meat the moisture that it needs. I think the only thing missing from this dish was a sprinkle of sea-salt.




We also got the duck stuffed cabbage, which was mouth-watering. Served in a pot, this dish is full of flavor! The juice and the sauce is not to be wasted!!! Very well suited for our Asian tongues. Unfortunately we were too full and we could not finish it. It just wasn’t do-able for our stomachs.


The restaurant also has a small epicerie where you can purchase duck foie gras or goose foie gras! Amazing selections. Cheese, wine and other condiments also available.

When you want to buy foie-gras, I would definitely go to a specialty shop. I’ve gotten foie gras elsewhere, and when I showed a picture of  it to a specialty shop owner, he only shook his head…then proceed to point out all the things wrong with the foie gras I had. Something about the processing.





Au Petit Sud Ouest

46 av. de la Bourdonnais
75007 Paris
+33 1 45 55 59 59


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